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Boyscouts and spreading permaculture
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I have a thought, though I'm not sure if it's as feasible as I hope. One of my neighbors has a son in boy scouts who is selling mulch (with an option to also pay the scouts to spread the mulch) to raise funds for his troop. I wasn't a good option for this kind of fundraiser. (See my efforts to stalk tree trimmers) But, since this also included a labor option, do you think the troop leader would be open to hiring his troop to do some earthworks? The thought I'm having is that it would be a way to catch a large group of developing people and introduce them early to some permaculture techniques. I'm still weighing this as the kinds of projects I have right now are either too big for me to want to involve children or too small to involve a whole group of people.
Interesting idea.

This could be a great initiation for youth to get interested in a more natural way of gardening.
While the Boy Scouts would probably work best in urban areas, I would think that 4-H, FFA, or even the grange might be more interested in this for more rural settings.
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