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Employment Opportunity - Food Forest Coordinator
Coastal Roots Farm is excited to announce an opening for a Food Forest Coordinator! The complete job description is attached.

About Coastal Roots Farm
Coastal Roots Farm is a community farm program that integrates the practices of Jewish tradition and
sustainable agriculture to grow and share healthy food, care for the land, and help and strengthen
connections between neighbors. Through handsā€on educational experiences and produce donations to
neighbors that need it most, the Farm is fostering a vibrant and sustainable community that grows,
seeds, and shares.
Coastal Roots Farm consists of mixed gardens, an orchard/food forest, animal pastures, and a vineyard,
all in various stages of development. It is also adjacent to a botanical garden, school farm, YMCA, senior
retirement village and is one mile from the beach and downtown Encinitas. This program was incubated
by the Leichtag Foundation and was recently spun off as a separate 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.
Coastal Roots Farm is funded through a diverse revenue mix, including philanthropic partners and social
Filename: Food-Forest-Coordinator-Job-Description.pdf
File size: 165 Kbytes
[Download Food-Forest-Coordinator-Job-Description.pdf] Download Attachment
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