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Have you invited people to park tiny houses on your farm?
I am considering this. I would charge them rent and let them farm some of my land or share in my farming enterprise.
I want to invite someone to park their tiny house on our land. I don't think I would charge them rent, but I would have to charge them for use of the well, and electricity if they use it. I'd like them to start some kind of permaculture enterprise on the land.

But I'm probably too chicken to actually do it. Maybe when I'm old I might try.

I have made offers. No takers yet.

Edit --- Almost forgot Randy. I think a half rotted 5th wheel trailer counts as a small house. He's been there for 4.5 years.
Seriously Rick? Seriously? You might as well just read this tiny ad:
Would you replace your oven with a rocket oven?

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