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1, 3 & 4 year old hugels
Dan from PlantAbundance.com just uploaded this. Pretty neato to see some real comparison across a timeline. Interesting notes on nitrogen, etc. Figure it was wise to share it.

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I am in lower Alabama and in Zone 8/9. Will a hugelkulter work for this area or is it too hot and wet?
I started one last year and grew the biggest zucchini plant ever.  In my understanding, the water trickles down to the bottom and up under the pile and is a reservoir for the plants to draw on should they need it, but keeps them from standing in it constantly.  Those of you more in the know, please correct me if I am wrong.

Wanda Teague wrote:I am in lower Alabama and in Zone 8/9.  Will a hugelkulter work for this area or is it too hot and wet?

I built two mounds two years ago in s.e.tn.

Results were poor for veggies as i inadvertantly created a perfect habitat for johnson grass and lost the battle.

On a brighter note, yhe blackberries outcompeted the johnson and yeilded great w good resilence to drought.

If you have a perfect spot w clean topsoil, it might work in your zone for veggies.

But it will certainly work for fruit canes, bushes, or trees.
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