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I.S.O housing/farm share/Intentional Community/work share/tiny house lot in U.S A
We are looking for any housing situation. We are open to any offers. We have experience building and remodeling homes. We have extensive homesteading and building knowledge
We have experience in organic gardening and animal husbandry. Extensive pasture poultry management experience.We are also skilled butchers.
Also we have had our own farmstead creamery and goats milk soap,lotion and herbal salve business. We also are very knowledgeable about herbs and wild crafting. What we don't know we are willing to learn. We also are well versed in SEO and website building.
We also have kennel management, dog training and grooming experience.
We do not need a large home in a fancy neighborhood just looking for a safe place to call home and grow our future. We are willing to tent while we build something more permanent.Also we are very good roommates if you only have a room share arrangement.
We would consider a tiny home in a bad neighborhood if that were our only option.
Also we would consider a small lot to put a tiny house on.
We also would consider a handyman special.

We do have four small to medium cocker spaniel sheltie mix dogs.
We are not looking for hand outs we just hope to find someone willing to give us a chance.
We will do a straight work share arrangement or a paid position but we are not able to provide a down payment.
Please contact us with ideas,suggestions or offers.
We have no children of our own but we love children and interact well. We would consider a nanny/caretaker arrangement.
Also fluent in Spanish. We would consider leaving the country for an opportunity.
PM sent.
Hi Vickie Marie,
I am looking to semi retire, kids are raised.   I believe we could work out a mutual agreeable situation.  I have a small ranch in northern MT, prairie setting, but not far from the mountains.  I did post a notice on the Homestead site.  The ranch is an old homestead, so has outbuildings already.  If your carpentry skills could be used in an exchange to set you up for your needs, that would be great.  My email is vwhmstd@hotmail.com   Thanks.  
check it out.

I'm still in control here. LOOK at this tiny ad!
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