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Deadheading the Permaculturalist
Anyone alive can attest to how time flies and how the older we get the faster it appears to fly by.  It was the summer of 1990 in Tinley Park, Illinois that I went to my first Grateful Dead concert (show) and I actually remember most of it. 

This is my call out to all my fellow Dead Heads and friends.  If your out there and I know that you are what was your first show, how did it go, and how has it linked your life to find this website and permaculture in general?


As I already mentioned, Tinley Park, IL was my first show.  I was drug along as a last minute decision with as many people as we could fit into the car.  No plan, very little money, no expectations, and blammo when we got to the stadium there were VW micro-buses and psychedelia everywhere.  Cars were backuped for miles like I have never seen before.  They were on the expressways, highways, byways and everywhere.  People were hanging out of cars walking the highway selling food and whatever else.  There was music blaring and flags a flying.

I grew up on a small ten acre homestead in western Illinois. In 1991 I endeavored to study horticulture.  I found many people similar, like minded folks that lived a simple life and believed in organic foods, homesteading, community living and good music with Bobby and Jerry.  Many years later I found living and growing practices that make good logical sense in permaculture.  So therefore just recently I found this site.  

Listening to the Tinley Park show as I write.  
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haha...my  older sister always insisted that I went to a Dead concert and I just didn't remember it...doubtful   I couldn't afford concerts back then (late sixties and early seventies) so if I was there I would have slipped in, sure would like to remember that  
I too grew up in Illinois and left for the woods down here early seventies.  We were way off grid then and no cash flow for concerts... a good friend played most of their songs on his guitar though and we did the campfire sing a long thing......many I heard from him before I heard the Dead version
I love the 'Playing for Change' version of Ripple......wonderful world music.

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I never went to a Dead show, but I am fairly sure I own every album they have ever done (don't listen to most of them often these days, I have to admit)...
Ripple is one of my all time favorite songs by ANY band, and I was rereading Mollison's big Permaculture book after buying land, looking at what kind of patterning would work well on the odd curves of the land, and ripples caught my eye. I put on the song, thought on it. May be naming this property something about Ripples in my Mind, or Ripples in the Earth, not sure exactly yet...
And I was sheet mulching the other day with dumpster kill cardboard, it started to rain (yay! Hold that cardboard down!!) and I realized I was singing the last song I had heard on the CD player that morning "Box of Rain"   Yup. Lots of boxes. In the rain... And it's just a box of rain, I don't know who put it there... Wait!! *I* put it there!!
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