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Looking for Homesteaders with Websites, Blogs, etc...
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Hello fellow homesteaders!

I have not made a formal introduction on this site yet but I am a new homesteader in Missouri as of this year.  I grew up on a homestead in Illinois so I am not completely new to the life but lived the professional consultant life of traveling abroad for nearly twenty years.  Anyway, I am finally where I want to be.  We, my wife and myself, plan on starting a community online magazine promoting the local community here in the Ozarks.  That will not be published until January-ish of 2017.  Currently, I am working with a land office providing owner financed land; they are great people.  I work there as a web developer consultant to help them sell their product: land.
I have professional interests at Permies.com but mostly I have personal attachments and believe in the permaculture principles and practices and hope to promote permaculture in this region through the outpost of the Homestead Crossing, Inc's website.  That's the company i am working for at the time being. So how do you come in?  I would like to get Homestead Crossing more exposure to the homesteading culture / permaculture movement.  They have currently several clients that are homesteaders as well.  Its kinda their business.  I have the idea of building healthy relationships with you, homesteaders,  that can help immerse this company into the arena of promoting permaculture in this region by helping them achieve their goals and objectives while at the same time helping us, permaculturalists,  achieve our goals and objectives by educating people about permaculture.

So i am looking for you guys that have websites, blogs, youtube videos, or facebook groups, and etcetera to be a part of this idea.  How?  Anyone that would like to have free promotion of their website, blogs, etc to post your information here and I will create an area on HomesteadCrossingInc.com promoting your website, blog, etc with an excerpt from it or a brief description of what you have to offer.

I really think that this is great opportunity to help promote permaculture and I truly believe that this region needs the exposure and education.  I have a lot of great ideas for permaculture workshops / education and the such with the funding backed by my current employer.  

So what do you think?
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I'm not in the Ozarks, but up near Kansas City. There are quite a few of us in this part of Missouri.  You can find us in the Kansas City area thread or the Kansas City Homesteaders Facebook page.

Anyway, here's my faith-based agrarian blog called Stewardculture: http://sustainabletraditions.com/stewardculture/
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Billy, I wouldn't mind if you wanted to mention my blog, but I'd like to let you know that it's about creating my homestead farm and homestead life in Hawaii, not the Ozarks. Thus a lot may not be applicable to your followers. Nor is the farm purely permaculture, although it tends to incorporate permaculture principles and ideas. My homestead and blog is not a business, it's my chosen lifestyle. Thus one will see no advertising on my blog site, nor do I tell people how they should do things or buy my stuff.

If you would like to check it out, feel free to do so.


Dan Grubbs wrote:I'm not in the Ozarks, but up near Kansas City.

Great site Dan!  I am seeking homesteading sites...it doesn't matter where they are located.  Whatever a person is doing with their homestead is what I am interested in posting.  Real stuff, just real stuff.

My homestead and blog is not a business, it's my chosen lifestyle

My mom lives on Kaua'i.  And if I could I most certainly would. Oh that growing season.  

Thanks for participating.

Thank you for your participation.  I have personally found your sites very informational and entertaining.  I read the newsletters and blog posts as often as I can.

I am providing a link where I have posted your website information.  I extracted or paraphrased content from your websites to add to my blurb.  For future participants I will do the same unless you would like to provide a custom blurb for me.

Thanks again.  You can find your link here at Homestead Crossing.  This is the old website (as of this posting) I am working on replacing it with an updated site but will probably keep the blurb.  
Hi Billy,

My husband and I are just starting our journey to our off grid homestead.  We have to get our house ready to sell and find our property in Idaho. We are new to making videos so any feed back is truly appreciated. Here is the link to our YouTube channel. The link to our Facebook channel is on YouTube. Look forward to your advice😀


Guess I should explain what our plan is. New to posting in forums....sorry. We will document our journey from the very beginning. The only debt we have right now is our mortgage. We are looking to buy in northern Idaho (owner finance)and want to put a portable cabin on it to start. Then maybe attempt a log cabin. We love the idea of permaculture and back to eden gardening methods. My attempts at gardening have not been the greatest due to lack of time and still have a lot to learn.  It will be easier in Idaho because we will not have the long days at work like we do now.

Can't wait to start the journey.
I'll have a new blog site going up about the new place when it happens, but right now I'm feeling like buying the domain name might jinx the property offer
My Blog info is in my signature line...check it out, and thanks for sharing!
We have a you tube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_1nZUpPS6jFv5Pn3f85CaA . We share what we are doing and are using it as a video journal so we can look back and see what we have done, what has worked and what has not. We are using animals the most we can to heal the land.
Hi Billy! My family and I are finally getting ready to start on our place. We bought our land in May. We looked in the Ozarks. Actually, May 2015, we spent a week looking down there. We were actually blessed to get the land we have. The story is on my ABOUT page.

This was my post yesterday. A link to the welcome page is in my soggy.
Hi Billy!

We are building a homestead from scratch (raw land) with a YouTube Vlog and Blog...

YouTube Channel:  youtube.com/bettertogetherlife
Blog:  bettertogetherlife.com

Our story is for the suburbia dreamer that has a longing for a better way, a better life, a simpler life but doesn't think they can get out of the rat race and move to the country and homestead.  We were they.  We changed our mindset and we hustled!  Well...we are still hustling even now!!  Oh...we also have 3 kids with #4 on the way!!  ha ha

Let me know what details you might need!  

My website is commercial I sell plants and I am on the other side of the world and it's mainly herbs: https://mountainherbs.net/
MY blog is very mixed and I don't have much time to blog anyway.
I have a blog that covers a variety of topics but mostly focuses on the work being done at the Permaculture Homestead my husband and I are developing in North-Central Minnesota.  We are just getting started and much of what is posted are the lessons learned.  I have just relocated to the property so now will have a full-time presence which helps us build more quickly than in the past.  The link for this blog is shown in my signature line.

I also have just added a YouTube channel called Harn Theory where I'm putting the videos of our work.  Harn is what we call our place - new lexicon created by my husband for our House-Barn - since we built a home inside a pole barn.  (Also, it beats the heck out of Shouse... Shed-House.)  These videos are a bit more descriptive of some of the hands-on things, especially the work we've done on our Rocket Stove.    [youtube]https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZcwdxIbsSbKuDKyAQuuG6g[/youtube]  
Tell me how it all turns out. Here is a tiny ad:
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