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Seed Savers Exchange shutting down forum
SSE has announced that on Sept 1, 2016 they will be shutting down their forums.
Most of the older members had quit posting there already, and new material was getting very scarce.

http://forums.seedsavers.org/ ; Bye-bye

That's sad!

Can we at premies do anything to fill the gap?
Four or five years ago, their fora were fairly active.
It has been a steady decline in activity.
Lately, if I go browse there, there is seldom any fresh postings.

Many of the older members had drifted away.  Quit posting.
They are still active seed saving, just not much presence on the boards.
And now I present magical permaculture hypno cards. The idea is to give them to people that think all your permaculture babble is crazy talk. And be amazed as they apologize for the past derision, and beg you for your permaculture wisdom. If only there were some sort of consumer based event coming where you could have an excuse to slip them a deck ... richsoil.com/cards

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