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Permaculture community in the alaska wilderness
Fit 70 year old seeking partner
The soul", said the poet, "is composed of the external world", and mine mostly hangs out there in the wind and sun and rain and snow.
I live on a remote lake and river in Alaska's interior wilderness. This land is what the rest of the earth must have been like before "progress" devoured it. The rivers still teem with fish, the skies with birds, and the woods abound in living creatures great and small. A number of years ago I was dropped off here by ski plane, with tools, buckets of dried food, and a wall tent. Over the next few months I built a log cabin on the lake, with solar panels on the roof to power a small freezer, lights, and a satellite internet system.
It is not an odd thing that someone should want to live in the wilderness, after all we humans have spent more than 99.9 percent of our existence as a species in the wild. Through this two and a half million year evolutionary history, we became genetically, hence morphologically, psychologically, and I daresay, spiritually adapted to living there. To wit, hands are far more suited to grasping tree limbs and tools than shuffling paper. The mind is more suited to the variety and heterogeneity of days, seasons, temperatures, light, and darkness. The stomach meant to eat a variety of unsullied foods, differing in different seasons. The feet meant to walk on soft earth instead of concrete. The lungs meant to breathe clean air. The body meant to exercise as a consequence of doing useful physical work.
Wilderness is in our bones.
But then we humans are also gregarious beings. After sixteen years of living here alone I began the process of building an intentional community two years ago. There are now four of us on this land, living as good neighbors. We would like to have more good folks join us, especially families.
We are offering, free of charge, small acreage leases to individuals and families who would like live a self sufficient lifestyle. If you have been thinking of a homestead in Alaska please check out our website at roundrivercommunity.org

As for myself, I would very much like to have a partner to share the joys of this self sufficient way of life on this beautiful lake in the wilderness. Thanks for reading.

September 2016
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