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Unique Opportunity for Homesteaders who are ready to build their dream homestead but don't the $$.

Phil Shenke
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Hi all,

I'm new here, and not sure if this is in the right section or not.  If not, please feel free to move this post to wherever as you see fit.

I'm in the early stages of something that I think might appeal to some folks here, so I thought I'd post and see if there was any interest, and if I'm in the right place.  I think I might be, but not entirely sure.

So, forgive the evasiveness of some of this post, as I cannot yet disclose certain key details for various legality reasons, but I'll reveal what I am allowed to at this point.

We are looking for people who would be seriously interested in joining a homestead that is being built completely from scratch.  There will likely be absolutely nothing on the property, except what is naturally there.  If there IS anything on site that's "man made" it most likely would be suitable for salvaging purposes, or would need extensive repairs.

The land will be fully paid for, you don't have to worry about contributing to the purchase of the land.  Yes, you read that correctly.  

Any person (or family) who is selected and who joins, stays, and successfully homesteads for a certain number of years, will end up owning a part of the property, and will be put on title as an owner.  Certain key pieces of equipment will be provided to the homestead.  You are also welcome to bring whatever items you wish as well, but that would be at your own expense.    

Exact location is yet to be determined, but we have several sites picked out in places like Idaho, Ozark Mountains of Missouri, and some others.  Most likely, we're looking at Idaho, the southern part, in the mountains. 

The property will be at least 50 acres, more likely over 100, and will have a constant, steady water supply, and ample mature trees for harvesting for building purposes.  The property will be remote, but within an hour or two of a major city or mid sized town.

You'd need to bring your skills, labor, and love of doing something, well, life changing and amazing.  You'd also need to be able to afford to do this, as there are certain things that obviously require money... but the property will be paid for entirely.  Taxes would be the responsibility of the participants when those come due, after the first year.  There will be a lengthy official application process, along with a background check, and other requirements to be considered for this opportunity as well.

The question we are trying to determine is, if there is anyone here who would be seriously interested in this.   The key word being SERIOUS, meaning you'd also be able to pack up and come within a few months notice you'd been accepted.  (Of course you'd have an opportunity to talk with and possibly meet the other participants as well.)  Anyone chosen will have the option to leave if they decide it's not for them, but we're trying to find candidates that would see this through as a long term plan and who are serious.

We already have selected several candidates including a builder/mechanic/jack of all trades/ who's married to a nurse practitioner, a veterinarian and her husband who are both retiring, an ex military special forces guy, and a couple of others.  Skills desired would be those with mechanical abilities, gardening, health (doctors, paramedics, etc. always good to have folks on site who know what to do in an emergency), hunting, fishing, animal husbandry, gardening, etc, and the normally expected skills for building a homestead. 

The candidates we seek will not be faint of heart.  This will be extremely difficult, both physically and mentally demanding, and we want candidates with strong minds and relatively healthy bodies who will stick it out until they can get it built.   

No drama wanted or needed, and we don't want people who create drama be being overly sensitive or who need everyone to be "PC".

We do NOT care about your race, religion, sexual orientation, age, gender, political beliefs, etc.  We do care about WHO you are as a person.       

Each participant (or "participant family") would be able to select their own area to build, and there would be a communal area where the group can get together and where "shared" items would be stored for the use of the group. 

I realize there will likely be a LOT of questions... and I'll answer them if or when I can.  For now, I simply need to know if anyone here would be seriously interested,

If so, please answer the following questions:

Who are you?  (single, couple, small family..full names not necessary at this time.)

Ages of applicants? 

Skills possessed by you?

What would you bring with you that you currently have?  (Ie, a backhoe, tractors, etc.)

What do you do for work?  How will you generate an income on the homestead?

What state do you currently live in?

What type of home would you build?

Can you afford to do this?  (Ideal candidates will be debt free, so as to ensure that they won't need to quit due to financial obligations.)

There will be more questions on the full applications when we get to that point.  Right now, we are trying to feel it out to see if there's anyone on this site who would be interested, and what the level of said interest is.  As I said earlier, we've already selected several great candidates, we just want a few more. 

If you have questions, I'll answer if I can.  If I don't respond to your particular question, it is because i cannot answer it at this time, but I will glad do so later.

Thank you. 



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