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Living in an egg
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What an amazing tiny house on water http://www.bbc.com/news/magazine-24574082
Living in Maine with 2900 miles of coastline and a ton of lakes, streams and rivers; I have wondered why houseboat living...scaled down like this...is not done more often. It seems like an excellent way to use area. I say area because it is not land, which is kind of the point. Here people take what was a really nice field and plunk a McMansion down in the middle of it (as opposed to one corner of it) and think they have done well.

I applaud his creativity, and while I have no water bodies upon my farm, encourage others to investigate the possibilities.
Really pretty and a nice looking piece of craftsmanship.  Anyone know what keeps it from rolling?  Must have a heavy keel, but it looks like it would just tip over.
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