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"Rocket into Spring" Combo Pack from Ernie and Erica
Ready to get outdoors?
How about using some of that mud to build a pizza oven?  Brighten up your campfire with some cool new fire tricks?
Boost your soil temps with a heated greenhouse?  Prep your canner for a rocking summer harvest season WITHOUT overheating your home?

Here in one place are our best resources for outdoor kitchens, camping, and wood-fired garden support in one handy package.

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Seller Erica Wisner

This combo contains the following items. 
May 1, 2017 prices are listed for comparison purposes.  Please check individual items for current price.

- The Greenhouse 8" Rocket Mass Heater: currently $19.95 (normally $24.99)
40 pages, 5 different layouts, to help you design and build a damp-tolerant heater or heated raised bed for your greenhouse, starting shed, sunroom or orangerie.

- The Rocket Canner/Forge: 2017/5/1 price: $12.75
high-powered, super-insulated outoor cooker for producing big heat from tiny amounts of wood.  (3-page, scale drawings and builders' notes on our 2012 turkey-fryer cookoff prototype, as seen in the "Hot Rockets" video)

- The Double Chamber Earthen Oven: 2017/5/1 Price: $15.95
not technically a rocket, but uses insights from rocket stoves to improve on traditional dome ovens.  Hours of artisan-quality baking, with less smoke and less fuel.

- 6 Quick Stick Tricks: [$5 Kickstarter pledge... not currently for sale as a stand-alone item]
quick, clear diagrams for half a dozen smokeless and fuel-conserving outdoor stoves and barbecues that you can build for cheap (resources needed: dirt, a shovel, some cordwood, and a few bean cans and/or bricks).

- The Art of Fire: May 1 2017 price: $6.75
everything a self-sufficient camper or off-grid homesteader should know about wood heat, from storage and safety, to elegant campfire tricks, to indoor stove and heaters, to the role of fire in human culture and spiritual life.

Total value if purchased separately: about $59 as of May 1, 2017
Filename: Greenhouse8-RMHeater-2017.pdf
Description: Greenhouse 8 RMH Plans
File size: 2041 Kbytes
[Download Greenhouse8-RMHeater-2017.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: 6-quick-stick-tricks.pdf
Description: 6 Quick Stick Tricks
File size: 628 Kbytes
[Download 6-quick-stick-tricks.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: ArtofFire-Midres.pdf
Description: The Art of Fire
File size: 2195 Kbytes
[Download ArtofFire-Midres.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: Cob-oven-2013-smaller.pdf
Description: Double Chamber Earthen Oven
File size: 10181 Kbytes
[Download Cob-oven-2013-smaller.pdf] Download Attachment
Filename: CanningForge.pdf
Description: Canner - Forge 2017
File size: 509 Kbytes
[Download CanningForge.pdf] Download Attachment
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