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podcast with paul wheaton on permaculture, wofati, etc.
jack spirko interviewed me yesterday for something like an hour and a half. 

We talked about tons of stuff.  Permaculture , sepp holzer , wofati eco building , chickens , rocket mass heaters , etc. 


It was a good chat.  I talked about these forums a bit too.

Apparently, there is a lot of traffic for this podcast.
I enjoy listening to his podcasts, he has a ton of traffic and I think a good resource overall.
I just finished posting over at TSP how I'm really excited to listen to this episode since I'm a member of both communities.  Kudos, Paul!
Paul it was a great show, one of the best interviews I have ever done.  Thanks again and you are welcome back anytime.
After putting up with a troll at reddit, getting all this positive feedback has been great!

I would be glad to do another in a coupla weeks.
Paul, glad to find you through TSP!

great interview, Jack!
Great Job Guys!

I have been listening to Jack's show for more than a year now, and I have got a lot of useful info from it.I am really excited you guys got together for an interview.

This collaboration finally got me motivated to sign up on the permies.com forums.  I have been lurking for months.

Paul, thanks for all the info you share, I have learned a lot from your videos, and the forums.

I am also from Missoula, I grew up here and I now live just outside Missoula.

My wife and I have been reclaiming an old gravel pit.  We had almost no topsoil when we started, but after a lot of composting, swales and creativity we are quickly gaining ground.  We currently have 20 chickens and geese for fertilizing our starter orchard.  We have been
absorbing as much info on permaculture as possible.  We have a long way to go, but are excited about the possibilities.

Thanks again to both of you for all your hard work, it is greatly appreciated

I really enjoyed the podcast, as I've said for a while you've got a great radio voice Paul.

I never even realized that we weren't allowed to talk about politics or religion.

Besides myself and Joel Hollingsworth who else here is a scientist?

ruggedtraditions wrote:
I am also from Missoula, I grew up here and I now live just outside Missoula.

Awesome!  Have you seen the missoula forum here on permies?

Have you been to any of my presentations at the library?


Emerson White wrote:
Besides myself and Joel Hollingsworth who else here is a scientist?

I think there are at least a half dozen actively working in labs and the like.    Many more that are not currently working in labs.

I know that recently I've been chatting a lot with "professor rich" in the alt energy forum. 


paul wheaton wrote:
Awesome!  Have you seen the missoula forum here on permies?

Have you been to any of my presentations at the library?

I have been watching the missoula forum, its great to see what people are doing in our climate.  Hopefully I can get some pics up of what we have been working on soon.

I have not been to any of your lectures. I did not know about them.  Do you have a good place I can check for updates on when the next one will be? Sorry if its posted somewhere and I missed it.  I will definatly come to the next one.
Found it!!!

Wow I did not realize how many presantations you are doing!

I am really excited to get some local knowledge, and discussion.

Thanks Paul. See you on the 17th
When I heard him mention Permies a few weeks back I got incredibly excited.

And then when I heard him say he was going to be interviewing you I got even more excited.

After, I heard the interview I was even more incredibly excited.

One of the best shows I've heard so far!

Not to say Jack doesnt run a excellent show all the time, but this one was stellar!
Greetings all.  I came via TSP and really enjoyed the interview.  I actually poked around the forum here about a year out of some curiosity regarding rocket stoves.  While that still remains an interest, my real focus starting this summer is getting my new three acre spread moving in the right direction. 

Thanks again for the podcast.  It was a great introduction and sparked a lot of questions.
It was one of the best shows interviews that Jack as done so far. I have been listening to Jack close to when he first started the podcast. Paul thanks for show and great forums.

Yeah Paul, the more often you can be on TSP the better.  Maybe even guest host now and then?  That would be so cool.  You are a wealth of knowledge.  When are you coming back to Bellingham, WA?
I will probably make a pass through bellingham again in early may. 
Hey guy's

  I have also been listening to Jack for a long time, and checking out this site.  Thanks for the podcast it was great.  Paul, you made me laugh out loud a couple of times!! 

Paul, heard you on the survival podcast.  The show was great, you are entertaining for sure.  This was my intro to permaculture and it sounds fascinating.  I would love to hear you on the show again. 
Man that's a long podcast... It's like the 100 minute long Cliff's Notes Audio version of RichSoil.com.  Excellent stuff, looking forward to hearing another.
I think I am recording another one on thursday.  The focus will be on wofati.


paul wheaton wrote:
I think I am recording another one on thursday.  The focus will be on wofati.

Looking forward to it! 
The new podcast is up:  http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/episode-612-paul-wheaton-on-hugelkultur-and-wofati-eco-buildings

I'm about to listen.
Would you consider doing it again with the second highest voted topic, The total elimination of irrigation with hugelkultur and other technique?
I would really like to hear you speak on that.
Thanks Paul!
Apparently:  so many people are trying to download this all at once that it crashed the server. 

In this episode I mention problems I'm having with my stalker at reddit.  If you check out http://www.reddit.com/user/paulwheaton/ you will see I tried to post the new podcast and my stalker has already downvoted it into oblivion.  It would be fun to see so many upvotes that it would drive my stalker nuts. 

Crafty, yes - I think the next podcast is going to be about replacing irrigation with permaculture.
Well hopefully all those listeners will start upvoting your stuff Paul! I clicked the arrow, too bad I can only do it once.
Will try to listen again later on when the kiddies are in bed.

paul wheaton wrote:
Apparently:  so many people are trying to download this all at once that it crashed the server. 

Honestly we have download issues every day you just made it worse.  It generally happens about the first 1-2 hours after I publish with the intitial spike of about 7000 itunes subscribers that have itunes set to pull it down as soon as it is live. When a popular guy like Paul is on it just sends things over the top.  I have a server upgrade planned but in my period of "flux" it is a scary thing to do.
Another awesome show Paul!  I loved it!  You should do your own podcast!

Great show.

Paul, I have a question regarding a comment you made about using conifers for hugelculture. I am going to cut down two tired, old and damaged spruce trees in front of my house and plant three apple trees. In the interview you stated that evergreens put out a toxin which helps to kill off it's competition and this is why it is not recommended for hugelculture beds, or somthing along those lines. Will I have this problem with the stump and root system that will be left in the yard, with the apple trees planted about five feet away?


I found the forums awhile ago after watching Mollison & Lawton's tagari DVD PDC course.  Now I'm just watching it over again (fourth time now) to make sure I've got it.

My wife and I are planning on buying a house with property locally that has anywhere from 17-25 acres.  I really want to apply permaculture principles in the design of the garden, food forest, and create symbiotic relationships among all of the systems. 

I would love a permies podcast from Paul Wheaton. I'd listen every day.  I like his approach to permaculture.
Paul! What's up man?  At 17:30 in the second podcast with Jack you question what people are going to do with all those rocks that they dig up from their Missoula soil.  You of all people forgot to ask yourself, WWSHD? ;o)

Another podcast with jack:  http://www.thesurvivalpodcast.com/elimination-of-irrigation
I just finished listening to it again.

Another great job. Thanks guys.
Paul, that was a great Podcast with Jack at TheSurvivalPodcast.com Awesome info. I am trying to learn what to do with my 40 acres of land near Tombstone, AZ.  I plan to retire there in about 5 years, if the shite doesn't hit the fan sooner.  It is pretty much dead level and lightly covered with scrub. I do have a well and electricity, but can only get out there about once every 6 weeks.  I'd like to apply some permaculture principles to try to get the soil built up and some trees in place, but I won't be able to water except sporadically. The land gets about 12" of precip per year. Any tips on how I could start on this project, or can you point me to a forum or link that might help? Because the land is so flat, I don't know if swales would help.  I plan to put a tank with a gravity fed drip system, but that will only go so far. I don't want to leave the well pump live when I'm not there for 6 weeks. I wouldn't want to flood the desert! 
Is there a list of your 14 ways to eliminate irrigation, with more detail?

Keep up the great work, love the podcasts and Permies forums. Thanks!!
I ma gonna interview jack spirko tomorrow.  What questions should I ask him?


paul wheaton wrote:
I ma gonna interview Jack Spirko tomorrow.  What questions should I ask him?

Hey Paul, it would be great to ask Jack what got him really started on the path to permaculture?

I really, really, really enjoyed your first podcast with Jack on TSP, and that is when we really started following all that you do, and it's great you are so close to us! And I can't believe the path that podcast has led us down... and what that has done for us.

So I want to know who Jack's main inspiration is!

Jack does a show where he effectively interviews me, but I'm not there!  So much easier!   

Jack presents a lot of his own original thoughts on replacing irrigation with permaculture.  Very good stuff:


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Jack interviews me again. This time we talk about CFLs, rocket mass heaters and cast iron:


Have you done a podcast about sharing knowledge/ideas/wisdom? And if not, how about it?

Chris Watkins wrote:Have you done a podcast about sharing knowledge/ideas/wisdom? And if not, how about it?

Are you asking me or Jack?

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge, say no more ... richsoil.com/wd-gardening.jsp

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