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lacquer or glue from recycled waste
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For recycling  waste styrofoam  (polystyrene ) or #6 plastics,  dissolve in turpentine to thickness desired. Thicker for glue. Stores well and dries in a few hours. Good on metals including galvanized, stone, cement and wood.
Got any pics?
Not sure that a picture would properly reflect such a product. As it is clear unless pigments r added. Then it would be tinted lacquer rather then a paint. Plus I haven't figured out how to insert photos yet?
Lacquer is shiney, right? Or is this more of a matte finish? To add a photo, right below the typing window when you are posting is "Attachments". Below that is a button for "Choose File". Press "Choose File" and something should open to allow you to choose one from your computer/phone. Once you choose a file,  you should be able to just push submit, but if you don't want to do that, it's fine. I just thought that would be neat to see. I'm a real visual person. Thanks!
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These are a few examples of the samples with a little pigment on metal and stone.
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For rust proofing I prepared small section with TSP solution prior to painting. No rust bleed thru yet after about a month so far.
I like the coloring too! Looks like turquoise.
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Colored polystyrene will transfer the color to your lacquer.
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Galvanized roof test sample
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