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Wood boiler experience
I'm in the process of getting ready to build an off grid house. All the usual gear, solar panels, wind turbine, evacuation tubes for hot water and preheat of heating system water. I'm interested in wood boilers that people have used or know about here in Australia. I'm not going down the rocket path or pellet fuel so it will be either a wood boiler or a gasification wood boiler that will be in a dedicated heating room so it doesn't need to look pretty and there is no need for a window. I'd appreciate it if experience good or bad could be shared. many thanks, Dave
I assume you want a wood boiler for under-floor heating?  If so, I priced these a few years ago and the underfloor piping, manifold, etc. came to $20k and the boiler itself came to over $20k.  So, combined, they would have been over $40k to install.  That pretty much eliminated that option for me.  Luckily, the property was in a Mediterranean/Temperate transition zone, so I went with an Earth-coupled concrete slab, doubled the thickness of the external walls to fit in R4.0 insulation, and double-glazed all of the windows instead.

As far as I'm concerned, underfloor is only worth considering in Australia if you are in Temperate or Alpine region, and/or you can do the underfloor part yourself, and/or you can encourage a boiler to fall off the back of a truck.
Underfloor heating is indeed the main aim. I will be running the pipework myself. I too have been quoted over 20k for a boiler ( so far ) but there are now cheaper options. I'm interested to find out what others have used and had either success or failure with.
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