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Solar Dehydrator Plans - Missoula1 model

solar dehydrator plans - Missoula1 model
Authored by Davin Hoyt and based upon Mark Vander Meer's as-built model.

Format: PDF file
Pages: 4
Print size: 48"x36"
Price: 20 USD

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Seller Davin Hoyt
Description: Solar Dehydrator Plans - Missoula1 model
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Description: Solar Dehydrator Brochure - Missoula1 model
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Solar Dehydrator Brochure - Missoula1 model - page1
Solar Dehydrator Brochure - Missoula1 model - page2
Solar Dehydrator Brochure - Missoula1 model - page3
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Davin, amazing work. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put into these design plans.
Recently I received questions via email:

Q: "I am looking at the plans Missoula1 model... I am interested in building one of these. I see in the video the original model has a chimney pipe. Your plans don't include it. Is this an oversight or did you determine it was unneeded?"

A: The original model does not have a chimney pipe. The chimney/riser in the Missoula1 model is the space inside the back wall. My video "Solar Dehydrator - Air Flow" has back wall illustrated simply.

Q: "Did you build and test your design?"

A: No, I modeled Mark Vander Meer's solar dehydrator and gave my documentation the name Missoula1.
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