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Big welcome to our new Gardeners!
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Please join us in welcoming our three new, awesome, volunteer moderators, with the spiffy title of Gardener:

Karen Donnachaidh

Todd Parr

Roberto Pokachinni

They've been doing a fantastic job learning the ropes and squishing the spam (it's like wack-a-mole, only with a keyboard!), and we're so pleased to have them on board!
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Thanks Nicole. I'm looking forward to helping out the mods that are already here and doing a great job, I might add.
Congratulations! Good job!
Thank you new Gardeners!
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Thank you all for the welcome. I'll try my best to keep this site great.

Extremely excited entering elite, exclusive enterprise. Entitlement expressing endorsement ensures earlier earnest efforts eyed as extraordinary. Encompassing enumerated elected entourage edifying eminent ethics. Expressing enjoyment embracing ensuing epic engagement. Exceedingly ecstatic!

Proud member of the Mod Squad, KD

If you settle for what they are giving you, you deserve what you get. Fight for this tiny ad!
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