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Very simple water catchment system?
I just moved into a (rented) house that I'm attempting to permaculturize. Fortunately, it has lovely rain spigots and a cistern! I've not, however, managed to think of a simple and efficient (and not-so-unaesthetic) way to get water from the spigots to the cistern.  Here are some photos that may be helpful:

There are 4 spigots (the little basalt cannons), spaced between about 5 and 15 metres from the cistern. My guess is a basic system would involve something to catch the water (buckets, perhaps?) and some kind of tubing (pvc? rubber?) to direct the flow into the cistern. One major catch is that this region has very rainy summers and is quite dry the rest of the year (think mediterranean, but backwards), so the system would only be operational during 3-4 months; something that could be taken apart and stored the rest of the time would be particularly useful. I also have an extremely limited budget, and as a rental nothing can be quite permanent... I would greatly appreciate any thoughts, ideas or suggestions. This is my first experience with anything like this as a former apartment dweller. Cheers to all! 
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