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Huskless Pumpkin seeds
A friend told me about pumpkin seeds with no shells on them. Anyone Know what this hybrid is called. I grow squash for the seeds and I'd love3 to grow ones I don't have to peel. ty
Not shure about any hybrids, but look into the OP variety known and Lady Godiva.
Maybe styrian hulless, curcubita pepo. Had success with them last year in greenhouse will plant them again.
I'm going to try an OP hulless one called Kakai.
How much seeds did you actually got out of one pumpkin and how did the rest of the Styrian pumpkin taste like?
My styrian's were all in the 10lb size, I planted late. Quantity of seeds were equivalent to a normal pumpkin. I want to harvest enough to press oil from the seeds eventually. I was told that the flesh would be bland but I didn't think so. I didn't have enough to see how well the stored.
I understand that it is from Austria so it should do well in my area, but I haven't done any research to confirm that. 90 days to maturity.
kakai pumpkin
If you bake pumpkin seeds you can just eat them without husking.
Cucurbita pepo convarietas citrullinina – varietas styriaca
this is how its called. and this is how looks like:

i think it comes from austria,and its not so new. also its not hybrid i think.
you can eat flesh, its just like most of other edible pumkins. also its easy to make oil from seed. you can make lot of money from this, oil is very expencive.

Paleo Gardener wrote:
If you bake pumpkin seeds you can just eat them without husking.

Yeah I can confirm this, at least for Butternut Waltham, which I grew last year. It had loads of really small seeds. I roasted them with a little olive oil and a salt-herbal mix, you've never tasted such a delicacy!
I got curious how to hull my own seeds if they still had the husk on, and thought I'd go ahead and post it here:

Another method someone else said (faster) was to let them totally dry out, smash them with a wooden mallet, and put in water. The husks will float and the seeds will sink when you stir it.
interesting but if you grow kakai pumpkin the seads are already hulles.
yeah, but ... what would PIE do? Especially concerning this tiny ad:
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