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cherry worm?
We have some Rainier cherries that are delicious, but every other one has a tiny puncture wound (smaller than a bird would make), and because of that puncture, started to rot. A little worm is causing this, and often still hanging out inside the cherry? Who is this and what can be done?
I wonder if it could be this http://www.canr.msu.edu/vanburen/fcfly.htm
ew definitely.

and funny, we have chickens next door to the cherries who could be repositioned to spend time Under the cherries,  clean the soil of the worms, and thus minimize the problem.

I'll report back

Did you have many cherries on the ground last year?
yup, this site isn't very 'fruit hygienic', and there was fruit on the ground last year (or so i guess from the amounts of last year's fruit still shriveled on the tree too).
so this year will be different--with some good clean up by chickens.

I also just read that cherry worm can spread to blueberries. It hasn't done so here yet, but we'd like to prevent that!
My impression is (and I think this has been confirmed a few dozen times) that nearly all fruit worms come from fruit on the ground the previous year. 

I suspect that next year will be much better.

well if you had chickens under that tree there definitley wouldn't be any fruit left on the ground to breed worms! I've always had plans to run my chickens in an orchard, it seemed like the perfect combo. I didn't know about the worms I just thought they would do a great job of cleaning up fallen fruit the worm thing makes the idea even better!
Fruit and protein in the same meal!

This looks like a job for .... legal tender! It says so right in this tiny ad:
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