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Jocelyn's life is all about balance. Maybe that's why she's an accountant and is such an advocate for keeping our natural systems healthy.
As a child, she perched on branches, collected moss and fungus, caught frogs and snakes, and climbed up into swaying tree forts in her beloved Pacific Northwest woods. Then, as a teenager, she learned that reining in sugar kept her more alert and energetic. These youthful observations grew into passions for walks in the woods, gardening, herbal remedies, and natural parenting with whole and traditional foods. More recently, Jocelyn's interest in the natural and healthy led to all things permaculture and she completed her first permaculture design course in 2010.
Jocelyn enjoys helping 1- and 2- person micro-businesses spend less time on their bookkeeping, growing and wildcrafting herbs and greens, plus cooking and fermenting veggie filled, health-promoting goodness.
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Everett, WA (Western Washington State / Cascadia / Pacific NW)
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Recent posts by Jocelyn Campbell

This popped up as a similar thread today. Has this improved for you, r?

r ranson wrote:
I'm crap at those.  I can barely talk on the telephone.  

I need coping strategies to reduce my panic.  I'm wondering if there is something from CBT (Cognitive behavioural therapy) that might help.  

When I panic, my voice sounds even worse and flatter than it normally does.  

Dyslexia means I cannot read from a script.

I don't even know why I want to do this so bad, but I do.  I hate that I do.  And yet, I can't stop wanting.  

Since you mentioned CBT, I listened to a few podcasts about IFS - Internal Family Systems.

Which basically could mean that the panic and freezing up is from a Protector (yes, capital P!) part within you that is trying to save you from the horror of screwing up/shame...or being rejected...or being unlovable....etc.

There are amazing ways folks have been able to work with their internal parts to calm themselves and help with all kinds of behaviors.

I plan to explore IFS ideas more for myself, too.
4 days ago

Ned Harr wrote:The easy one is I'm kinda vain. I care about how I look. <snip> I think about what image I want to project physically. That seems anti-permie-ish to me.

In some circles, I agree that it can seem anti-permie, so I appreciate your candor and questioning it.

Though to me, there is SO much beauty in lustrous, healthy, well-maintained locks, bodies, natural fiber clothes, healthy landscapes, natural building, etc. that I think a person really can have both.

I, too, struggle with aesthetics a fair amount. I'm currently renting where I'm slowly changing the garden landscape so I don't scare the property managers. Plus, I lean heavily on "pollinator attractants" (ahem, flowers!) in my gardens which I love and I don't care if they are not multi-layered in their functions. My joy is enough for me.

Ned Harr wrote:I perceive a tension between sustainability on the societal scale and on the individual scale.

Yes, there is this, but I think we can do better to close this gap without as much guilt of our societal trappings.

For me, it's often in the minutiae, and not the larger picture as you described.

Without wandering into toxic gick or cider press topics, to stay within my budget, I do sometimes purchase items (food, clothes, household stuff) that are not within my values.  But I alleviate my first world guilt by most of the time doing a lot of minutiae things on the daily that I feel add up to making a significant difference. I realize I'm not perfect, but I'm always trying to do better.

4 days ago
Ever have one of those times when you think someone will get it, but they absolutely don't?

This actual language-based lost in translation came up that I thought was hilarious:

I know I've had other situations where I forget that others are not as hyper focused on the things that I am, and humor ensues.

Now I remember one - a very mild one anyway. Last summer, a business person I work with arrived at my back porch and had to step around a dirty, decaying chicken bone. I bury my kitchen scraps, including bones, and it had been dug up by a critter and left in front of my steps. When I explained, they did their best not to give me a disgusted or blank stare. Ha!  

Share your own "lost in translation" moments here!
4 days ago

Tina Wolf wrote:I only just saw this!  I would like to purchase the recording.  Jocelyn, do you have recordings of other classes?  I have a small business and need help.

Thank you!  Tina

Hi Tina - thank you!! So far, I do not have recordings of other classes, but I hope to have more soon. I'll send you a PM about how to purchase.
1 month ago
The class was awesome last night. The participants asked great questions which truly made it a better experience.

We made a video recording of the class, so if you missed the class, but want to purchase the video link, I could send you more details in a PM.
1 month ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:Your class sounds amazing! I've learned a lot from you over the years about filing as a small business, and your Permaculture Money and Finance presentation was packed full of great info.

I hope a lot of people can take your class!

You are a dear one to say so, Nicole! I've learned so much more, and worked with even more businesses since I gave that presentation. So I hope I've improved a lot!

My niche expertise is really with the small microbusinesses or solopreneurs and not many classes are geared at that level.
1 month ago
Two Oregon farmers just signed up for the class, so I will give a brief overview of what is unique to Washington State for payroll taxes, and what to look for in other states.

There is still room for more to sign up!
1 month ago
At my neighborhood meeting the other night, I learned about an initiative that would change the laws around one of our Washington State payroll taxes, WA Cares-2124[/i]. The signatures were verified last month and I-2124 will be put to a vote in November. This is big news.

I explain more about it here:

1 month ago
Sometimes (a lot of times?) new business owners don't know what they don't know.

Down the road, what I really want to help with is better use of QuickBooks Online (QBO). I see so much duplicated income from errors being made in QBO.

Plus, I'd love to hear more about what folks need help with the most.
2 months ago