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Jocelyn's life is all about balance. Maybe that's why she's an accountant and is such an advocate for keeping our natural systems healthy.
As a child, she perched on branches, collected moss and fungus, caught frogs and snakes, and climbed up into swaying tree forts in her beloved Pacific Northwest woods. Then, as a teenager, she learned that reining in sugar kept her more alert and energetic. These youthful observations grew into passions for walks in the woods, gardening, herbal remedies, and natural parenting with whole and traditional foods. More recently, Jocelyn's interest in the natural and healthy led to all things permaculture and she completed her first permaculture design course in 2010.
Jocelyn enjoys helping 1- and 2- person micro-businesses spend less time on their bookkeeping, or putting on feast nights at wheaton labs (the permaculture community where she lives with her guy, Paul Wheaton), or helping achieve further world domination for the empire.
Missoula, MT
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Recent posts by Jocelyn Campbell

Kyle Neath wrote:The shovel

Go and get yourself a nice metal shovel. A transfer shovel can be used for this, but I much prefer a snow-specific shovel. Mine has metal teeth on the ends, a scoop shape, plastic glides on the bottom, a D-handle, and even folds up! I can fold it up and pack it behind the seat of my R32 (a tiny little 2 door passenger car). Don't even think about a plastic shovel if you get a lot of snow. It will fail you in your moment of most need.

I covet thine shovel.

I think this is it at Amazon:  DMOS Original Alpha Shovel, though there are wider ones there, too.

We've had so many snow shovels just not stand up to the helpers here. We bought two new metal (far cheaper than yours) shovels and on the first day, one was bent. Then, I used the second shovel without bending it for two years...until the first day this year that I had new helpers. Now both our metal snow shovels are bent. When they are bent, they suck.

Kyle Neath wrote:The push bucket

This tool is a miracle of science. I cannot even fathom not owning it anymore. I want to buy more of them. It holds as much snow as twenty shovels full and can push another ten shovels full in front of the bucket. Instead of laboring with your back and biceps, you can stand up straight and use your legs to push the snow on the ground. This will reduce fatigue by leaps and bounds. Would you rather carry a baby down the street, or push them in a stroller?

The closest I could fine on Amazon was this Kaufman's "Original Snow Scoop" which somehow doesn't look nearly as good as yours.

The next best option on Amazon any way, seemed to be The Snowcaster

Which somehow had far better reviews that a lot of sturdier looking walk-behind snow plow like contraptions.

Kyle Neath wrote:The scraper

The last tool you'll want is a nice metal scraper. I think this was called a sidewalk scraper. But anything of similar shape will do fine. This is for hacking pure ice and scraping hard packed snow/ice off hard surfaces.

That Razorback scraper looks far better (and wider!) than the spud (for taking bark off trees) I've commandeered for ice scraping. Somehow that keeps disappearing down to other locations, too....

8 hours ago
This picture from Akhu's post had Nicole asking about how to make paleo meringues.

I used this recipe from earlier in the thread:

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:
And, then you have egg whites left over. Oh, gee, what to do?! Meringues of course!

I make these Meringue Cookies, though with maple syrup instead of honey, because I heard it might not be so good to cook honey.

(again not my pic - it's from the recipe page above)

For the ones I made yesterday, in Akhu's picture, I didn't use any kind of pastry bag and simply spooned the meringue onto the (ungreased) silpat baking sheets. I probably got the meringue thicker by using the immersion blender whisk over the hot water (I use a pyrex bowl over a steamer pot set, not directly in the water) then transferring to the stand mixer and actually using the ice water as this recipe recommends. They had more of that traditional meringue dry crispness.

Here are some old photos from 2015 when my meringue turned out softer. I used to combine the method in the recipe above with the method in Two Ingredient Paleo Meringues (though adding the pinch of salt recommended in the first). I think I still used my steamer pot set to heat the egg whites (I did not put them directly on a low heat burner), though I'm pretty sure I never used the ice water nor switched to the stand mixer. These had the lovely benefit of turning out a bit softer and when the maple syrup oozed out it turned to chewy maple candy on the sides. YUM. I also did use a plastic bag with a corner cut off as a pastry bag for these.

1 day ago

Nicole Alderman wrote:Oh my goodness, those look delicious! I've tried like 5 times--failing each time--to make paleo meranges. I'd love Jocelyn's recipe!

It's here in the surplus eggs thread! The initial recipe picture there is not mine. I usually don't flavor mine (except for maple syrup) and I just spoon them onto the cookie sheet instead of using anything like a pastry bag or tube. I just put another tip or two here with photos of ones I've made in the past in that recipe thread.

This thread is for celebrating Akhu and all the awesome work and learning experiences the boots are racking up. Gut gemacht, meiner guter Herr!
Oh, oh! My turn!

2 days ago
Not nearly as elegant, though two feet of snow in Seattle (where it hardly ever snows) is a big deal!


2 days ago
Not exactly in the house...


2 days ago
More bacon roses for Valentine's Day.


2 days ago

Amanda Launchbury-Rainey wrote:

Jocelyn Campbell wrote:I didn't know whether to post this here, or fibre arts forum.

Who's going to make one?

I have the same quandry, Jocelyn. How to keep warm or fibre arts

Couldn't get just the foto but that's probably just as well.....

Here, for better or for worse, I embedded it for you.

Hahaha!  That's a LOT of knitting!!

2 days ago
I'd say three students plus the six boots.
3 days ago
I didn't know whether to post this here, or in the fiber arts forum.

Who's going to make one?

3 days ago