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Jocelyn's life is all about balance. Maybe that's why she's an accountant and is such an advocate for keeping our natural systems healthy.
As a child, she perched on branches, collected moss and fungus, caught frogs and snakes, and climbed up into swaying tree forts in her beloved Pacific Northwest woods. Then, as a teenager, she learned that reining in sugar kept her more alert and energetic. These youthful observations grew into passions for walks in the woods, gardening, herbal remedies, and natural parenting with whole and traditional foods. More recently, Jocelyn's interest in the natural and healthy led to all things permaculture and she completed her first permaculture design course in 2010.
Jocelyn enjoys helping 1- and 2- person micro-businesses spend less time on their bookkeeping, or putting on feast nights at wheaton labs (the permaculture community where she lives with her guy, Paul Wheaton), or helping achieve further world domination for the empire.
Missoula, MT
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Recent posts by Jocelyn Campbell

Su Ba wrote:I've had a Sun Oven for a while now. I'll give it 9 out of 10 acorns. My number one complaint is that you can't pop off the reflectors. Not being able to pop them off makes carrying and storing the unit awkward and difficult.

Awesome to hear Su. If you move "I give this oven 9 out of 10 acorns" the the first sentence of your post, our custom software can find it to add to the review grid.

1 day ago
Daron, what a great blog post and thread! I have three items, wait four items to add. IMHO, these are an excellent homestead gear item.

The Sun Oven - a solar oven that is by far the most popular of the three we have here at wheaton labs
The Solavore Sport - a more affordable option and my personal favorite to use here
The GoSun Grill - this one gets the HOTTEST of all three and tends to be the favorite for those who like grilled meats
black cookware for solar ovens - interesting discussion on what might work best for cooking inside your solar oven

Not only are solar ovens awesome or even necessary for off-grid living, even if you're not off-grid, they keep the cooking heat OUT of the house and kitchen. As if that wasn't enough, they save on electric, gas, or propane bills; plus, they often retain more moisture and nutrients in the food, and are less likely to burn the meals they cook.

I highly recommend solar ovens. If you cook with crock pots, cooking in these can be really similar.

Edited to add:  Bryant, that was funny (and true)! :-D
Here's the instructional video for the Sun Oven:

1 day ago

Tyler Ludens wrote:I've used Graniteware.

I'd agree with Tyler that the graniteware is nice for solar ovens. The Sun Oven and the Solarvore Sport come with something that is either that brand or very similar.


See also this thread black cookware for solar oven

We now have a thread for the Sun Oven here.

The Solarvore Sport is still my go-to solar oven just because I can put two pots in it side by side and some times I want a slower cook (no reflectors).

Some times, well, actually quite often, I use all three of our solar cookers, the Solavore Sport, the Sun Oven and the GoSun Grill.

If you add your own review of the Solavore in this thread, please start your post with  "I give this oven # out of 10 acorns" as your first sentence.  With a little thread finagling (by me), we might get our solar oven reviews on our gear review grid!

1 day ago
From this post in the Solavore Sport thread:

Tyler Ludens wrote:I've used Graniteware.

I'd agree with Tyler that the graniteware is nice for solar ovens. The Sun Oven and the Solarvore Sport come with something that is either that brand or very similar.


1 day ago
I give this oven 8 out of 10 acorns!

We received the Sun Oven with all of its accessories a while back and I really enjoy using it! It's brilliant for keeping the oven heat out of the kitchen in the summer, reducing your power or gas bill and/or for cooking off-grid. We're not off-grid at base camp, though we can have weeks in the summer that are 90 to 100 degrees F and we don't have air conditioning. So keeping any additional heat out of the house and kitchen is a HUGE help when it's that hot.

I'm not a wonderful food photographer, though I'll do my best to show you some fun things that are easy-peasy to bake in this solar oven.

As I did for the Solarvore Sport, here are my personal pros and cons:

  • arrived with loads of accessories - pots, pans, stacking racks, parchment paper, burner for low sunlight conditions
  • glass top
  • reflectors are always attached
  • safe to use, little chance of scorching or burning food
  • bonus info and gadget about water pasteurization
  • great cooking pots
  • heats up quickly
  • easy to clean
  • secure from flies and critters
  • made in the USA
  • affiliate program
  • free online class for solar cooking

  • CONS:
  • it's still plastic inside the wood and glass box (we're trying to move away from plastic)
  • adjusting leg at bottom back is a little difficult to use
  • only holds one pot at a time - not big enough for feast night quantities
  • it's a little heavy to move around
  • reflectors are always attached (this can be a downside if you want a slower cooking temp)

  • Sun Oven berry cake:

    Deviled eggs from "hard-boiled" eggs made in the Sun Oven:

    I also love making eggs in the Sun Oven. So easy, and again, less heat in the kitchen in summer and cooked eggs are such good, handy food to have for meals.

    This is the Sun Oven in the November sunlight at base camp. The lower the sun is in the sky, and with all of our hilliness and trees, we need to move it more often, though this picture shows that it's still very usable in the fall and the spring, not just the summer.

    Besides the Sun Oven, and the Solarvore Sport mentioned above, we also have one of the GoSun Grills (like this one though maybe not that model). Three awesome solar ovens that we love to let our ATC students experiment with. It's worth noting that it's been several years in a row now that most students prefer the Sun Oven over the other two models.

    In order to add your review of the Sun Oven to this thread, please use  "I give this oven # out of 10 acorns" as your first sentence.  With a little thread finagling (by me), we might get our solar oven reviews on our gear review grid!

    1 day ago

    Nicole Alderman wrote:I went ahead and made a thread for Paul + Dragon Companion Set, so thee's an easy way to purchase both at the same time!

    The set arrived! I posted about it here.

    So FUN!!

    We give this 10 out of 10 acorns! Both pieces are well made, feel very sturdy, and the natural fibers just feel wonderful.

    The package arrived, earlier than expected (last Saturday instead of Monday!) with so many lovely details. The paul figure and his accessories were in a little bag made from a plaid shirt sleeve, tied with yarn; and the filler in the shipping box was seed catalog pages - I love it!

    And here, I snapped quick pics of paul and his "advisors" on his shoulders - kind of like the angel and devil telling him what to do! If I had taken more time, I'm sure I could have had the paul figure sitting up better, though we were in the middle of project time and one of the cats kept getting sawdust all over paul and photobombing (Worf!)

    (Note that paul is rather giant, with a HUGE head. Figures will seem larger when compared to more normal sized people.)


    Tentative 2019 dates plugged into the calendar above, though no further details just yet. Reminder:  click "look for more" to see them in this agenda view, or change the view and forward to May, June and July.

    Edited to add that we have tentative dates for a PEP1 gathering, PDC, and ATC. We are working towards having a RMH jamboree in the fall (Sep.-Oct. ish?) too. More details will be posted when we have them.