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Spent more than enough time in the military to know I hate bureaucracy and that the gubmint can't effectively do anything but waste money and time. Now I own 12 acres West of San Antonio where I am working towards building a profitable nature integrated farm, with the long-term goal of building a permaculture/profitable farm village somewhere.
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Does the book address desert climates with high sand soils?  If so, do you sell it directly and do you accept crypto?
1 year ago
Awesome, glad to hear it was successful.  Have a great weekend Paul.  
Sorry Paul, coinbase is especially ass-pain-ish when you actually need to use it.  Works great when you're just messing around.

paul wheaton wrote:

My bitcoin thing-a-ma-bob is 177pNU2a9iCpUXQwXX9EbtA2UwZpgeqcMT

I'm looking forward to another bitcoin transaction.  

Now you have for another, it sent about an hour ago.  Have a great weekend!
Life got busy the past few years and I just stumbled upon your podcast again.  I have a bitof crypto and want to donate some your way for the podcast.  I really enjoyed it years ago when you were buying the lab and would love to support it now so I can catch up on what's going on that way.
Paul, do you have a Crypto wallet?  I want to donate crypto for the podcast.
I like what you're doing Paul. You seem to be back up to a solid speed and consistency. I think maybe you lost a big chunk of folks when you went dark on the podcasts for a while. I know I lost track in that timeframe and am just getting back, what is it, a year later? It takes time to build that niche audience back up. I like what you're doing with my money and I think others will, with consistency.

These are all amazing ideas and implementation of any that work for you will improve your position.

In terms of spam, I just joke a bit as they send a Quite a few emails at the outset and it seems daily in how to improve your account. You know, the overflowing email anxiety and yelling, "why are you sending me crap", because you can't get to it all.

Thanks for  all the great work!
Dude! That's solid, I especially love the 5 minutes coffee idea. Might try that one myself.
You mean you're not getting their spam?! So from what I'm seeing as successful with some other Patreon  folks is just consistent content with a small ad at the end ask folks to check them out on Patreon.

I.e. I always forget to check yours out, as I've been meaning to for months and I got onto a podcast this week and remembered to subscribe after listening to a podcast. The consistency will folks coming back, we love your work too much to stay away.
This would be like network marketing except nobody has to buy anything. I market gold and silver on facebook. Just a post with a nice picture pulls quite a few views. Also I am a big Ron Paul supporter so I just put in a post here and there throughout our long feeds of news articles to get a pile of views. Of all those views you'll get a couple people who are interested and a couple of those who are actually willing to act.