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Central Texas, it is dry here.
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Recent posts by Marcella Rose

Some of the content in this video is religiously based. However, if you are one of those people that does not mind, there is some really valuable information on essential oils in this video. Enjoy.
9 years ago
Question for Heidi Bohan:

The Souix where I came from mainly used buckskin or deerskin for their clothing and still do for their Ceremonial garments, however I do not enjoy the idea of doing my own skinning to make clothing. I have read that the Navajo started to use the Churro sheep for wool sometime around the 1700's. The Native Americans that you study, did they spin and/or weave and if so, what plant fibers or animals fibers did they use? I am very curious as I love to work with fiber!
10 years ago
Would you be so kind as to list the major resources that you have used to put this together? Your work is just beautiful, I am very, very impressed!
10 years ago
I have mentioned the topic a few times at our Community Garden Meetings, but sadly, the answer I get is this, "Organic Gardening and Permaculture are the same thing, we will continue with what we have." I have tried to explain there is more to it, but very seriously, they are not interested.

I really and truly hope that you have far more fortune than I!
10 years ago

Tom Davis wrote:
Also, in your book you talk about learning the behind the scenes book keeping and IRS schedules for agriculture in order to be successful.
Can you write a book/booklet on that too? Or at least point me in the right direction on this thread?

I agree!

I also have a question along these lines. My husband is on contract (for his job) for a few more years in our current location so we do not want to purchase land here as we are not even in the state we want to farm in. Mark, do you have any suggestions for renters? We are looking at moving out to the country this spring and landlords can at times be touchy about changes...even for the better. What do you suggest would be the best approach (for people who need some practice in permaculture and husbandry) as we are looking for land to rent in this hot and arid part of the country?

Thank you so much for taking the time to answer our questions!
10 years ago
This post has nothing to do with the topic, but that picture makes him look like Liam Neeson (in my opinion)!
10 years ago

Richard Presley wrote:I also have a deep skeptical distrust of institutions in general, particularly when they are tied to a political agenda.


10 years ago
Obviously by my signature, we do not have land yet. However, I am doing all the research that I can, making notes, writing business plans, tearing them up and then writing better ones, reading, reading, and more reading for things we want to do when we do get the land. question is, do you know of anyone with a fiber farm that has a mixed herd, rotational grazing, and holistic management with permaculture thrown in for good measure? Some of the animals that we would like to raise are sheep, goats, llamas, rabbits and then some poultry and a dairy cow or two. Is there a way that all of these species would work together, has anyone tried this and if so, how? Are there any books that you would recommend?
10 years ago
What a great topic! After reading through everybody's posts, I learned a great deal. I listen to The Preparedness Podcast regularly as I don't think you can every be fully prepared for something like main concern has been finding seeds for the herbal remedies that I am concocting, etc.

We are urban in a bitty little apartment, so we cannot be as fully prepared as the rest of you, but we do what we can (which in comparison to the rest of you really is not much). I know where our water supplies are if there is not water in the faucet, we have been throwing seeds out into the woods every spring so that we know where we have some food supplies if our Community Garden plots get hijacked, foraging, dehydrating and oven canning, etc.

Anna Hess, if you are reading this, do you have any insight that you could add to surviving off grid for any length of time with small space Urban Homesteading without land?
10 years ago
First of all, Paul, may I just say that you are genius and secondly may I say, "DUH???" We have been doing tea like this for a long time, I feel stupid that we have not done this with coffee. If something happens to the French Press, we will switch to this. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
10 years ago