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Just wanted to post a review – if it’s not the right place for it here, feel free to moderate!

In late Sep – early Oct, just recently, I paid my first short-term visit as a gapper to the Dukedom of The Land under rule of His Majesty Mr (Duke) Paul Wheaton himself. I enjoyed it immensely and am very grateful to Paul, Jocelyn, and everyone else at The Land without whom this experience wouldn’t have been possible.

It is a great community of great people and the food is marvelous and by the way, Paul is a great boss – in spite of his own claims of his tyrannical rule. I can’t help but appreciate the fairness and reason, with which he treats his people and rules the dukedom.

And yeah…thanks Paul for helping me resurrect my dormant work ethics somewhat! I hope to have the privilege to join you guys again next year!
7 years ago
Hi Eric.
Incidentally, I'm also looking to get out of Dallas - and will be visiting MT in Sep/Oct. Perhaps you don't mind meeting up, at your homestead or on some neutral territory, and chatting things up?
If you don't mind, please PM me, I can then tell you much more about myself, my experience, etc. Thank you.
7 years ago
Thanks, Paul!
I'm honored to receive such a speedy response from you .
7 years ago
I have a question that I would title something like "Multiple gapper visits on one fee - possible or not?"

Specifically, I mean the following.

I am visiting Missoula for a week in mid-August - and would love to check out The Land, as a gapper, and don't mind at all paying the $100 fee.
However, I will need to be back in Dallas in early September. After I am finished with the business in Texas, I am considering a possibility to spend more time on The Land later in the fall (contingent upon my impressions during the first visit and approval by the leadership almighty), hoping to get a practical exposure to permaculture (have had a good amount of theory, but haven't applied it all .

So my question is: Would I have to pay another $100 gapper fee for the second visit (assuming it is approved and all), or is that fee waived?
7 years ago
What are the work hours arrangement? I don't believe I've seen it anywhere...

Is it 4hrs/day, 8hrs, 15hrs? Or "whatever", as long as the progress is made? Something different altogether?

It would be nice to know this sort of information before deciding to make a commitment in the form of 100 bucks.
Any insight on the topic would be appreciated!
7 years ago
Paul! Or whoever is qualified / empowered to answer the question:

Are visits to your land possible? Say on a work-exchange basis, similar to wwoofing? I'll be passing through Montana later this summer and would love to stop by and say hi (and help out too).
I don't need accommodations or anyone feeding me, just a spot to park and pitch a tent.

Again, I'm just talking about a short visit, few days to a week or so.
Oh, wow! Congratulations on the new arrival! This gives me a good reason to look into visiting RI again next season .
Until then - all the best.
7 years ago
"Great time" - does it refer to 2012 or this past season, 2013?
I've got a feeling it's possible to do permaculture classes year round in Dallas... Now it's quite liveable, actually, with occasional frost at night.
Yeah, I've crisscrossed the map and came back. I missed my friends and familiar places.

I hope things are well in Matunuck and everyone's doing great, especially the little ones .
7 years ago