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Rob, where did you get that cauldron from? It looks amazing. I so want one!
3 days ago
I don’t live in a very remote area, just off the beaten path.

On feed, it depends on what it is:

Miscellaneous grains for all critters and treats for cows at milking: two months or so

Broilers feed: all of it for one batch, usually three months (I raise Freedom Rangers)

Hay: pretty much a whole year supply

As for storage of grains, whether is bought or grown here, I have a shipping container I use. Best ever idea. Water proof, rodent proof, critter proof.  It’s almost too tight, lack of ventilation can be an issue, but definitely not a deal breaker.
3 days ago
A few years ago when my first grey hairs started to show up, at least the ends of them looked very white. Sometimes they would get into my face, and I thought I had some goose down on my face. My geese are all white.

It took a couple of times for me to realize it was my own hair, and no matter how much I tried to brush it off, it would just not go away.

It does seem that all my greys appeared over night, and I know this is not true. I just don’t look in the mirror very often.

That being said, they don’t seem to be of a different texture/thickness than the others.

I wear them as they are. I like to think grey hairs means I am a lot wiser. [insert broad smile here].
3 weeks ago
This is a dish we call “Spanish rice casserole”.

Easy and really good for end of summer quick dinner fixing.

It has rice, ground beef, green pepper, onion, corn, tomatoes/tomato sauce, cheddar cheese, and spices as ground cumin and a dash of chili powder.

In this case, all ingredients but the spices, the rice and cheddar are home grown by yours truly☺️.

Yummy as can be, and, can you tell I’m a foodie that likes to grow/raise her own food?
1 month ago
Taters, oh yummy taters.

This would be enough for the two of us and to gift some away.
1 month ago
Oh, I always dreamed of making my own gates. Some pretty, some just useful.

Unfortunately, the welder I have is really small, and most likely I won’t be able to do anything sturdy with it. I’ve been making small repairs here and there...

Post pictures of your work, some if us would appreciate it and get inspired☺️.
1 month ago
If it were my cow, I’d tie her up, and even put hobbles on her back legs, and make sure the calf drinks.

I don’t have any advice regarding store bought colostrum, never had to use it myself.

I’d try to find some other farmer/homesteader that could sell me some frozen colostrum maybe?

Here is a cow forum you might wanna try and ask, there are people from all over the world

I don’t think it’s against the rules to post the above link?

1 month ago