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Recent posts by Liv Smith

As a big lover of cheese, I can't wait to read this book and try some of the recipes. I made lots of cheeses before, and I just have a feeling this book is going to be an inspiration.

Thank you, Kate for writing it!

And say hi to your goats:)
1 week ago
Mountain time is short  for MST - Mountain Standard time, and it’s 7 hours behind GMT - Greenwich Mean Time.

10:00AM Mountain time = 4:00PM GMT
1 month ago
Here they are: Sven and Lili, our guards.

1 month ago
This presentation is 1 hour and 58 minutes long.

This is just one of dozens of presentations given during 14 days of recorded PDC presentations found here

Jaqueline covers farm managements style, types of relationships with wild animals, livestock, pets and working animals, and much more.

1 month ago

More from Beau:

"Here's another one I wasn't familiar with before Erik jumped into this bundle, but I'm so glad he did.  This chapter includes: Food Forest Agroforestry: Orchards, Managing biomass, Soil Seed Bank, Pollination, Prepping Planting Areas, Growth Pattern and Longevity, Extending Harvests , as well as general info about planting trees by transplant, seed, or bare-root, and starting and tending a hedgerow."
1 month ago

Beau has been to Wheaton Labs many times. Here is what he has to say about the rocket ovens movie: " I've cooked on this very Rocket Oven before, and let me tell you - it is dreamy.  Gets up to temperature in no time, with just a bit of kindling.  Cooks low-, medium-, and high-temp stuff in a flash.  That's why I'm building one into our outdoor kitchen. "
It really makes want to build one myself.
1 month ago
More from Beau about one of the items in the bundle: Architecture: Building Your Dream with Bags ebook by Kelly Hart

Beau wrote:
Discover how you can build an amazing variety of structures using little more than the earth beneath your feet. Earthbag building is revolutionizing how people around the world are thinking about ways of providing shelter, both temporary and permanent. Such buildings can be remarkably durable and resistant to earthquakes, floods, and fires.

1 month ago
One of THE coolest things in this bundle, is the mycelium insulation webinar.

Beau says: "I may be biased (this is me, after all), but this concept will move from niche/fringe to central tenet of ecological food production and natural, healthy construction design/build in the not-too-distant future.  In fact, at the high-end commercial level, this is already happening.  The cool thing about my approach is that you can do it yourself with little to no start-up capital. "

I was soo excited when I first heard about this idea. There are so many houses built in this world, and so much insulation is needed. To be able to use a renewable resource and one that can be composted at the end of its life it's  almost a miracle to me.

Mycoinsulation webinar with Beau

1 month ago
What a great thread, thank you, Tim for starting it. I'll post some pics of my own dogs shortly.
1 month ago