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Some thoughts on infrastructure requirements:

Electric Baseboard
Access to electricity.

Mini Splits
Same as above

In Ground Heat Pump

For the pond version, obviously one needs a pond.

For the horizontal installation, one needs a big yard or some acreage.

Natural Gas
Access to natural gas.

All one needs is a tank, which can be purchased or rented, I think.

Wood Stove
A chimney?

Modern wood stove

Pellet Stove

Masonry Heater

A good support under the floor the heater is on.

Rocket Mass Heater
Same as above?
1 week ago
Something Paul said one time made me thing of the daily-ish as a newspaper.
Not everyone has the time or inclination to scroll through hundreds of posts all the time. The daily-ish brings all the best threads and posts right in our inboxes. I, personally, love it.
Mud and Paul (and Andres) are keen to make an infographic about home heat choices.  Across the top will be types of heat.  And down the left side will be attributes/metrics.  With each metric will be a link to a thread that will act as a source for that row of information in the infographic.  Or, hopefully, a bit of a bibliography.  This thread is one of those threads.

Paul thinks that this work is so very critically important that he wanted to see if by starting these threads, the work can get started.  He very much hopes that you all will add to this effort so that we might be done in a tenth of the time than if it were just him and Mud working on it.

All of the metrics for all of infographic is focused on "average for Montana".  Keeping in mind that the average Montana home is 2000 square feet.

Heat infographic we're working on here:"

Electric Baseboard  

Mini Splits    

In Ground Heat Pump    

Natural Gas        


Wood Stove    

Modern wood stove

Pellet Stove    

Masonry Heater    

Rocket Mass Heater  

3 weeks ago
Electric Baseboard  NOT local at all

Mini Splits    NOT local at all

In Ground Heat Pump     NOT local at all

Natural Gas        NOT local at all

Propane         NOT local at all

Wood Stove     The materials the stove is made of are not local, the fuel could be

Modern wood stove    The materials the stove is made of are not local, the fuel could be very local

Pellet Stove    Not Local at all

Masonry Heater    Some of the materials can be local if it's made of cob ; fuel could be local too

Rocket Mass Heater  Most materials to build with and fuel can be sourced in ones back yard
3 weeks ago
Some thoughts:

Electric Baseboard : clean thoroughly before the cold season. Basically free

Mini Splits:   $200-$400/year (

In Ground Heat Pump: $150-$350 /year (source; the numbers for maintenance are towards the bottom of the page)

Natural Gas: $150 - $500 (  and $120 from

Propane: most likely cost would be the same as above

Wood Stove: $150 for a chimney cleaning (,December%20is%20our%20busy%20season.) Or 0 if DIY

modern wood stove: same as above

Pellet Stove: $100 - $145/hour depending on location (

Masonry Heater: chimney would need to be cleaned. as above:  0 - $150 (DIY or hire chimney sweep)

Rocket Mass Heater: probably none??
3 weeks ago
Oh, I’m so glad you liked it!

I will look for it and post links to the other ones☺️.
4 weeks ago
This first part is 46 minutes long. I thought some of you might find it interesting. (my birth country)

"The original Wild Carpathia gives you a unique insight into the beauty and rich culture of Romania exploring its chequered history from the mystical ruins of the Dacians to its medieval communities, many of which survive intact to this day. Presenter Charlie Ottley goes in search of ancient villages, crossing mountains, forests and alpine meadows in his quest to understand this vital region. Along the way he encounters counts, wild bears, shepherds, artists, environmentalists, craftsmen and even a Prince.

Wild Carpathia captures the fragile glory of Europe's last surviving wilderness and shows why it needs to be preserved for the benefit of future generations and the survival of our most endangered carnivores."

4 weeks ago

Douglas Alpenstock wrote:

Aside: When responding, is it preferable to copy all the categories and put a comment after each one?

Whatever way it's easy for you!

4 weeks ago