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Distracted Pancake Hills 🤔

ETA, I’m glad my place already has a name, ha ha.
1 week ago
An updated summary of all projects at Wheaton Labs, in anticipation of the Tour Movie:

For those of us who cannot make the trip to be on a tour, here's a great alternative: Tour of Wheaton Labs, the Movie. It's being created as we speak. To pre-order the full movie, go here

Until we can see it in full length, here is a snippet of it:

In this short video and later in the full length movie, you can see the finished indoor willow feeder at the Cooper Cabin, among many other experiments at the Labs.

To pre-order the full movie, go here.

For all of you boots wannabes out there, here's a short version of all the things you could be working on and helping with when you're there. To see the full movie when is ready, go here.

Here's a short version - the Turbo Tour - of "Tour of Wheaton Labs, the movie", to be released this fall. To pre-order the movie, go here.

For those of you who are considering visiting the Wheaton Labs, below is a 9 minute long  video, a snippet of a longer movie that's in the works, about all the things that are  on a tour. To pre-order the full movie, go here

A 9 minute Turbo Tour - kinda like a movie trailer - is available now.  It gives you a glimpse into Paul's world at the Labs and what you'll see in the full length movie. To pre-order the full movie, go here.

Yesterday I needed to look at some things without being "myself", aka not logged in, and tried to use the search bar on top to find the thread I was looking for.

It didn't work. I think I was using internet explorer , for sure I was on a Windows desktop. I was logged in on Chrome on the same desktop at the time.

Was it a glitch or a "feature"?

Any opinions, previous experiences, advice?

Alex Freedman wrote:The link only goes to Paypal. is this correct? Does paying on paypal as a guest allow us to pay with the debit or credit cards shown?

Yes, paying as a guest you can use any of those cards shown.
2 weeks ago