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since Nov 16, 2011
Took PDC with Skeeter March-April 2012, followed by time with Sepp.  One word:  AWESOME
Sun seeker - on the road
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Recent posts by Richard Kutscher

Hi Paul and Jocelyn,

It is with deep sadness that won't be able to attend, much as was hoping to.  The land whale steed (truck) had an issue with the clutch.  Am still awaiting word from the dealer on how much pleasure it will be to fix.  Happened as came off the island.

Am stuck at an overpriced land whale yacht club till the trusty steed is fixed.  At least pets are warm and happy'ish.

Best wishes for a great and awesome Pizza party!

2 months ago

ron bigelow wrote:Hello All, looking for transportation options that do not require excessive use of my thumb (both ways)...

Hi Ron,

Replied to your Moosage. Still have space available for the one way trip to Base Camp, if you don't mind cats and the noises they make while traveling....  
3 months ago
If anyone needs a ride from Seattle, I will be traveling from Seattle area, have room for one, one way, but must like cats (multiple) in vehicle.  Can pick up anyone along the main highway.

Leaving Seattle area the Thursday immediately prior (October 4th).  No plans to go back to Seattle but can bring to Missoula after event to get train / bus / plane.

After pizza party I'll be going down I-15, weather permitting, to Vegas area.
3 months ago

paul wheaton wrote: $100 off on either offer.

Thanks Paul! Am sure empire is hungry!

I'd be more than happy to pay the $122 (100 off 222 tier) for lower resolution and just courses. Have most, if not all, the other goodies.

If you're ok doing.onesies or twosies can PayPal once say ok.  It's still cheaper than paying cellular overages.
Sorry late to the party, am extremely behind in Daily'ish e-mails.

I am super interested.  Participated in the KickStarter like Natasha, don't recall specific details but think streaming and downloads, I can look it up.

Living in a Land Whale has disadvantages, among them is unlimited reliable internet.

If still possible would like one too, normal resolution.
The only thing I would do is swap these two goals..  Doing this would help foster more creativity and spread cheer and joy through the permies world.

So make the 65K goal the private forum, while the 70K goal is naming rights and that type of nice fluff.

paul wheaton wrote:
idea for the $65,000 stretch goal:

Everybody who supports the kickstarter at $60 or higher will have their name (as creative as they wanna be) appear in the credits of the first video for the PDC and the first video of the ATC in a scrolling credits section labeled "this production made possible by our kickstarter supporters".   And the people that supported our kickstarter at $150 or higher, will be able to select far more creative options in three categories such as the examples in this clip:

(image coming soon!)

idea for the $70,000 stretch goal:

Everybody who supports the kickstarter at $75 or higher will get access to a private forum on permies with all of the PDC video content.   People will then be able to POST THEIR OWN DESIGN and get feedback from all of the other participants!   All of the teachers will also have access to this forum, and they might (no guarantees) provide feedback also!

Have already gone through my PDC, but I really like the thought of the $550 reward.  Only tip / suggestion for that is a way to validate that the prospective students have watched all the videos.  This could be done by having a "secret code word" displayed randomly.  Maybe not every segment, maybe not every day, but enough sprinkled throughout to have them watch.
1 year ago
I'm late to the party but would've voted thumbs up for thumb drive, just not for $300.

If I download 100 GB of files in a month it'll likely cost me $800 (thanks Verizon)....

Still backing for downloadable videos to support the empire, just not realistic for me to download, or watch.

Campaign looks great, enjoy the event everyone that's going!

paul wheaton wrote:... You gotta spell it out for me what the IT stuff would be.  Software engineering?  My philosophies on professionalism?  ...

I forget which podcast it was in, but professionalism was already talked about, with the Wheaton professional scale.

Someplace where talked about the political podcast you had eluded there were a couple topics that are generally viewed as "controversial".  Religion being one of them and another being something about the IT world, among a few others.  Am assuming your IT thoughts would be a combination of software engineering and your vision of what the IT world should be like, with a little professionalism thrown in.  Think you've eluded to some thoughts on software engineering in past podcasts, such as a two engineers working together boosts productivity as they share thoughts / best practices / different solutions / etc.

Unsure what else you would have to add to the topic.  As I'm involved in IT am quite interested.

EDIT to add:  Could also broach some topics that Martin Fowler talks about.
2 years ago
Yes, I "went" there...  More to support the empire.

I, for one, do value your thoughts.  Am hoping next paid podcast will be in the IT area (hint hint), pretty please with $25.00 on top?!

Here's an interesting story, about people and their thoughts.

I was in Cedar Rapids, IA, at a burger joint, for a burger of course.  This was pre-2016 election primaries and I asked random people what good thoughts, about each of the main presidential candidates, they could give me.  Had some interesting replies and made sure it stayed on the positive side, but this one lady shared your sentiments.  She essentially said "I'm not qualified to give my opinions and thoughts".  I lightly pressed and she did share her thoughts.  I then thanked her profusely for sharing them and went on my way, happy in the knowledge she gave me.

I'm abnormal I know, but I think everyone's thoughts are valid, if shared in a respectable way between consenting adults.

Great podcast!!!

Now a quote, for no obvious reason.

An entry in Munch’s diary, dated 22 January 1892, recorded the inspiration for The Scream: “I was walking along the road with two friends – the sun went down – I felt a gust of melancholy – suddenly the sky turned a bloody red. I stopped, leaned against the railing, tired to death – as the flaming skies hung like blood and sword over the blue-black fjord and the city – my friends went on – I stood there trembling with anxiety – and I felt a vast infinite scream through nature.”

from BBC.

2 years ago
~I paid, I paid, I paid!  Not to listen to Paul's Drivel, but know he's hungry and it was time for me to feed the empire a little, or perform a religious sacrifice of sorts (money is saintly, right?)

I also ponied up the cashola's to see if could find anything, anything at all (other than Java), that I could truly DISLIKE about Paul....  I failed~

~When you reach 40 people who paid money for this, I would also like to vote for another "controversial" one on Software Engineering.

While there were juicy tidbits had expected more about politics, then realized this was recorded in 2013...  ~

~Really did enjoy this podcast, wonderful topics

Since do have permission to talk about political things!~!~!~!~!~!~ (boy, could I say a lot)

~Really enjoy what Hippocrates supposedly said.  "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food", which is where Permaculture is a perfect fit!  It won't solve all ills but helps with a majority of them.  What Americans currently have to deal with is truly a mess and thanks for keeping that part short'ish!

~Thanks Paul for a super podcast, was full of juicy bits and bobs that I think most everyone would agree with~

Jocelyn is awesome!  She has valid viewpoints too!
2 years ago