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Robert Ray wrote:I have this book Burra but I do not have the PDM so I can't say for sure.

I had the PDM out from the library, and purchased this book. Except for the cover and introductions, they are identical down to the illustrations, photos and type layouts.

ooooh, this one unfortunately is hoax. If Mars were as close as the moon, we'd be in serious gravitational spin -out.
see: http://www.universetoday.com/104362/the-cyber-myth-that-just-wont-die-see-mars-as-large-as-a-full-moon/

However, the real show for those that get up early in on Wed 8/28 before dawn can be previewed here! http://earthsky.org/tonight

c. tinker,
amateur astronomess
5 years ago
Ann, if you are that allergic to bees, please let someone else do the dirty work! Its not difficult to deal with them, but for you could be dangerous.
5 years ago
We have had success with the inert gas electronics blower spray. It comes out colds and the nitrogen cools and sufficates the YJs in their nest. What ever you do, do it early in the morning a good while before sunrise. The bees are sleepy and sluggish and will not be flying about to sting you.
5 years ago
Here's a link to that book and several others. Just "order" the free books in their order form ,and they will send you the link to download them!
5 years ago
Hi Kat!
Sounds like we have much in common. My best beloved and I live on a second floor apartment , and manage the building, so I can understand the yearning for space to grow something. Finally after 11 years here, a friend offered me garden space in exchange for helping with the yardwork. Wonderful to get tour hands in the dirt, and imo, a sure antidote for depression. Is there a school, church, friend relative, or
elderly neighbor wih a bit of backyard space you coyld plant some roots in?
Kudos on the walking! No better way to slow down and enjoy the sky, the plants and birds along your way..
I dont drive either, and am continually amazed what a lovely world is revealed tothose who choose the slower path.
Please feel free to pm me. Some books and possibly seeds await if you would like them
clear skies and apple pies
Carol T.
5 years ago

I'm not experienced with food foresting but black walnuts are allelopathic. They exude boichemicals into the soil that stunt or prohibit the growth of many plants. Maybe research into edible plants resistant to to the walnut would work...

Heres some good info on allelopathy: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allelopathy
7 years ago