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Michael Judd says that if permies.com brings in $5000 to his kickstarter, then permies.com can decorate an entire page in his new book!
I'm not sure what we would put there just yet, but the opportunities for comedy are endless!


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Subbing so I can add this to my goodreads later
3 weeks ago

Ron Metz wrote:Bob and Devon, what are your average annual rainfall amounts?

sitting at about 12"-14" or so, the town of casper has an average of 14" next to the mountain but the farm about 30 mins north misses almost half of the storms that casper gets while occassionally getting storms that casper does not
3 weeks ago
I’m up in central Wyoming, been raising pastured poultry for a couple years and allowed horses access to the pasture for a few months last year, wouldn’t consider myself an expert by any definition of the word but can concur that long recovery times seem to be important, I have yet to see any grasses grow back well enough after grazing by layers, broilers or grazers to be grazed a second time in a season, though I hope to get there someday
1 month ago
it seems that the combination of the big wheel, and its center location as opposed to being placed at one end and the short legs are what create the height necessary for the fly in door, so perhaps changing these things may help to create the same conditions on the Rhodes' chickshaw...
1 month ago
following in hopes that we see more pics in this thread
i wonder if anyone has tried simple kelp meal as a supplement, similar to say, Salatin's beef operation( which also includes fertrell nutri balancer, but according to salatin thats more so for the birds health)
granted, sheep are not cattle , but perhaps that would prove sufficient?
I would love to come visit some of these sites while I'm in Mexico this month will definitely have to make use of the fundacion selva Maya to try planning a hike or tour I'm very interested in Mayan milpa farming techniques
Yo hablo un pequito espanol
I will be in the yucatan for the month of January and would love to physically see and tour this site if possible, where is haciendo Ironwood located?
Pm is fine if you don't want to post publicly
Also, yo hablo un pequito espanol
Would be greatly interested in anything the permies community could point me to I'm really struggling to find any milpas to visit while I'm there this month