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Recent posts by Devon Olsen

Thank you for the responses everyone, as I'm currently knee deep in losing money on my farming operations indpnt think that will be in the budget for the gf and I,  soon will also leave my spot open... and I think no may still be busy getting through all the wonderful candy that came from my kickstarter pledge (I'm still on the better wood heat part) which should satisfy my permie desires for now
Have fun everyone!
Thanks for moving this to the appropriate thread jocelyn, this was actually the thread I was looking for, also curious if I could being girlfriend along, probably would want to camp,  may possibly consider renting someth ing like the teepee
If one supported the kickstarter but has NOT been there before or paid the rapper fee, is it ok to come camp out for a night and attend ONLY the pizza party? If so will I have to also pay the gapper fee(kickstarter backing was not over 100 bux)
Yeah that would make a great new Zealand destination!
1 week ago

Ben Waimata wrote:A few years back I was visiting a friend with an extremely diverse garden/botanical collection. He showed me something he said was a rare tree passionfruit, might have been Passiflora lindeniana or something similar. Anyway he casually broke  a piece off and gave it to me to try as a cutting. When I got home I placed it into my propagation system and got it going, eventually planted it out where it ended up getting killed by a renegade cow. Finally I got around to looking it up and discovered it was so super rare that there were less than 100 known specimens anywhere in the world, and only one that has ever flowered outside of habitat! If I'd known how rare it was I might have made more effort to keep the cows away.

Aww man that would suck!
1 week ago
thank you for the thread, particularly for making it pic heavy, haven't studied much about rmh tech for years and looking at maybe building a system this fall/winter, definitely good to see some pics and the process, will be following along anxiously
1 week ago
Howa things at your plot?
2 weeks ago

paul wheaton wrote:I just now gave all of the kickstarter supporters access to the justin rhodes video tour of basecamp.  Everything smooth?

I watched it, worked fine,  commented on the thread,  nice selection for the first candy, thanks Paul