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Recent posts by Devon Olsen

The idea isn't to contain the beaver, but to rotationally protect trees, I have seen individual wire cages myself when out and about, though seems prohibitively expensive compared to fencing the area in question

Great thoughts so far:)
6 days ago
This makes me think about those plastic modular dams used for controlling emergency flooding, and since you brought up 4ft height I also thought that perhaps concrete barriers could be used with a skim coating or lathed coating of concrete to seal the pieces together.

I have a small pocket pond I've been wanting to build that would be fitting for this sort of solution I think... I'll have to look at this option
6 days ago
Had this thought this morning

If one could effectively fence beaver put 9f an area, one could use beaver to manage a coppice field by fencing beaver out of say 3/4 -4/5 of the available fodder every year and changing which area was left open to beaver.

In theory. If fencing was effective, they would heavily harvest(or "graze") the available woodland and could be used like livestock are on commercial coppice yards while serving their hydrological needs.

Perhaps population would be controlled through this method as well?

Fencing would be an investment, potentially an ongoing one, especially given rough, wetland terrain of most beaver habitat.

Anywhere, thought I'd share the thought for discussion.
6 days ago
That aerocart looks pretty handy, when I'm on wifi I'll try to check out those tongs too, I've got a number of stones that are too large to handle on my own without some sort of tool, but I'm looking to put them to work in the future

Anyone ever rigged up a small-scale crane or something with some logs?
1 week ago
Look forward to subscribing and listening... just as soon as my phone cooperates lol
2 weeks ago
How much would a homestead scale unit typically run and how many pellets can it produce with how much effort?
2 weeks ago
Thanks for sharing your journey! I'll be establishing a silvopasture system in the coming years with a focus on nut and fodder production with some wine friendly fruits mixed in, I look forward to getting some stock from your nursery when we get to ordering!
2 weeks ago
The step in spike idea is interesting as a Pasture ready parking brake for the structure...
2 weeks ago
Very impressive work!
I have a tanned hide I made(my first) that I really would like to turn into a pair of gloves, hopefully I'll get those done one of these days, when I'm done with my stint of working again and have more time for my own endeavors
2 weeks ago
To replace flimsy tarps, perhaps bed sheets that are waterproofed would make suitable alternatives? I watched somebody make a bedsheets this way by dissolving a tube of silicon in some mineral spirits and saturating the fibers, could be suitable alternative.

For myself, since getting onto our new property I've found electric fence to be useless. worse than it was a mile away at the old place and therfore I've taken different approaches to land management for the time being until I can afford the investment into a better energizer. Hopefully by then the land will be healed enough that the fence stays upright and the sand is capable of carrying a current for proper grounding.
2 weeks ago