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Recent posts by Devon Olsen

This has been a great thread to follow, thanks for showing the cobbling process as well, getting close!
4 months ago
Wowza! That's quite a bit,  though im sure one could manage a cheaper build if they sourced materials right... I hope anyway for my sake Haha
5 months ago
Woohoo for your success!
What're you into it so far? ($-wise?)
5 months ago
Thanks for the update, time sure is a valuable commodity
5 months ago
Thanks for quick reply, kinda figured that was the case, I'm still trying to iron out making my system work without watering piles... slow progress so far, and overall shortage of greens, jealous of your scraps streams for sure
6 months ago
Definitely one of the greats on permies, been following along for a number of years now, first pond definitely raving sucess!
As for second, I definitely think conical shape helped with quick seal, I also seem to remember you had a gallon per minute overflow or something going into their water trough, maybe constant water flow helped, removing larger stones as you mentioned also and I would think tighter fencing may help encourage more concentrated activity
I sometime get wood chips from tree companies that are mostly green leaves, maybe a load like that would help?
Feeding wet food scraps in the area?
Digging a small conical hole in the center (hand dug scale) to jumpstart things?
6 months ago
Question though, do you water your compost or is there enough rainfall in your area in combination with your food scraps, duckweed and chicken poo?
6 months ago
Sean, I love your videos and your chicken compost operation,  I follow your channel religiously lol
that is all.
6 months ago
Been quite some time since this was posted, how did your first season go?
Also something I've been meaning to ask, do you think 2 strand polywire is sufficient on pasture after training or is betting required?