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Recent posts by Levi Meeuwenberg

Spreading the word; Peter Bane is hosting an Advanced Permaculture Design workshop coming up on Nov 8-13th in Akron Ohio. You can learn more about the course, and Peter here on our podcast with him:
Podcast with Peter Bane; Why We Do Permaculture, A Call to Action
I'll be going there from Michigan, so let me know if you want to carpool!
3 years ago
(okay, really it's a sand dune covered in some knapweed...)

Hello permies!
I'm a freerunner, one of those guys on youtube you see jumping off buildings and such... Well I've taken the big leap away from city life, and together with my partner, Brenda, we're giving ourselves our own crash-course in permaculture, producing our own food, animal husbandry, carpentry, aquaponics and more!

I'm used to falling down, so we do make a lot of mistakes, but we're learning and we're really starting to see some good cycles forming on our farm. Anyways, we're excited about living this way and just want to share what we learn along the way. There's no product to sell really, just hoping some of you might be interested in "Likeing" our facebook page, and giving us some FEEDBACK on our website, farm, and plans.
This forum has been a huge resource! Keep it rolling!
-Levi M

5 years ago
According to this video: around 33min in, they say that Lupin emits chemicals that combat knapweed, so one could plant their perimeter with lupin and wage veggie-battle! It also explained that lupins protective benefits also extended to the other plants around it, so it could do well in polycultures as well. Ive got some to deal with near my food forest, so Ill try it out and let yall know!
5 years ago
Hello! I've caught the live-off-the-land bug like you all and I just love learning how easy all the solutions are, and yet they're not mainstream at all.
Anyways, I did a search on here and didn't find anything about annualized geo solar. Does anyone have any experience with, or opinion of this design method.
You can read about it here:
It sounds very similar to "Passive Annual Heat Storage" (PAHS) but a simpler and cheaper way of implementing it.
I'll be "getting to work" in northern Michigan where there isn't much sun during the winter months so a standard passive solar design wont cut it. My plan is to
build a fully passive, sustainable, greenhouse with a 1000gal aquaponics system inside. Since I'll be raising tilapia fish, they don't like it when it gets too chilly
as it does most of the year in Mi. Ill also have a rocket mass heater as backup.
So this AGS system sounds like a dream come true but it's hard to find much info on it besides that one site. Or if there's any other building methods you're
aware of for my particular climate I'd love to hear about them.
Thanks! Keep up the great work.
7 years ago