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Recent posts by David Good

Ken W Wilson wrote:Thanks!

I’m glad I don’t need to buy a camera. I have a good iPhone. I guess I’ll start taking pictures of my garden projects right away.

I’ll try that program. Can you export directly from it to Kindle Publishing? I’ll probably end up with Windows on my new computer, but it looks like it comes in a windows version. My old Dell works fine, but they don’t make an OEM Dell battery or power supply for it anymore. I ordered replacements from Amazon, but they got recalled as fire hazards.

You can use a doc as a basis for a kindle book and LibreOffice will make those, no problem. It might be better to hire someone if you want it to look perfect, though, unless you want to try out Sigil: https://sigil-ebook.com/

I find that program easy enough to use, but I know some html.
2 weeks ago

r ranson wrote:For me, writing is the easy bit. 

Where I'm having trouble is the editing, pictures and layout.  It's very important to me that the images show up well in black and white so that they show on an e-reader. 

I'm thinking that permies people would make a good audience so when it's ready, I plan to sell some on the digital market here.  It also allows me to give affiliate fees to people who advertize the book on their site.  The theory is I'm crap at marketing, but other people are good at it and I want to reward them with cash.

Yeah. I have hired artists in the past for illustrations, since black and white photos of gardens can get messy and hard to see.

I look forward to your book.
2 weeks ago
I do almost all my writing on an iMac desktop with an older Logitech keyboard. I've written 2500 words today already and I'm still at it. I like the clicky keys better than the flat Mac keyboard. I've also written books on a 10-year-old Dell laptop, no problem. Heck, George R. R. Martin writes on an ancient computer. For a quick backup in case the computer crashes, email the document to yourself now and again so you have backups in your inbox. Redneck data security!

I have heard good things about Scrivener but I like the simplicity of LibreOffice. It's like Microsoft Word, back when Word was good. It's also free.


It works on Mac, PC and Linux systems. My Dad was also a writer and was no techie but he learned it quickly.

As for pictures, even a decent smartphone takes good pictures. Some photographers would disagree, but I think good shots are now more in the framing and adjustments of brightness/contrast and cropping now than in having an expensive camera.
2 weeks ago
I make "compost tea" the evil way:


That's Dave's Fetid Swamp Water. And plants love it. I simply got tired of bothering with aeration.
2 weeks ago
I write for a living. Both fiction and non-fiction. I am also "successful," by writer standards. I self-published a book on Florida Gardening which has done quite well (it pays the rent), then a publisher picked me up to write my book Compost Everything, Grow or Die and Push the Zone - three more non-fiction titles. They've done well, and I've gone on to voice audiobook versions of all three which have also done well.

Don't worry about people discouraging you. To write, you need to write, write, write. Start a blog and make yourself post daily. Or make yourself write 500 words a day, every day. You need to learn to be creative on demand, then you'll make it. I put on some music, drink some coffee, then type out at least 2,000 words a day.

Non-fiction is probably a better place to make money than fiction, unfortunately. Breaking into fiction is very difficult unless you're driven and also quite good at writing. You also have to be a relentless self-promoter. With non-fiction you can write articles to make money. I've written for Backwoods Home, Mother Earth News, prepper websites, The Grow Network, Self-Reliance Magazine, etc., to bring in some extra cash and raise the profile of my books.

But fiction or non-fiction, if you write every day, write well, and can promote relentlessly, you will have success. If you attack it half-baked, you will almost certainly fail.

One of my favorite self-published writers is Larry Correia. He's worked his tail off and is now successful. Another success story is Nick Cole. His publisher didn't like his view on something and cut him off, so he went and self-published instead. He's probably a millionaire at this point from his ongoing Galaxy's Edge series. However, he and his co-writer publish a new novel every single month. That means he's writing at least 2500 words per day every day.

Currently I'm working on a five-book fiction series under a pen name doing the same thing. 50k words per month, every month for five months. That is with a publisher, however, and they're doing the promotion. Thus far it hasn't touched the sales on my gardening books but as the series grows it's likely to catch and may even make more.

As for "going broke" self-publishing, don't worry about that. Use on-demand printing or just stick to kindle versions. It's very easy to publish with Amazon and they're the world's largest book market. Don't spend any money on printing. Invest in someone to do the kindle and print layouts, though.

And WRITE WRITE WRITE! No excuses. If you can write even 500 words per day, you'll reach 100,000 words in under seven months. That's a solid book. I made myself write 3,000 word per day back in November and hit 90k words in one month. I eventually divided that into two novels, one of which will be coming out soon, followed by the second.

You can do it, but most people won't put in the work. It's not a great way to get rich but it's very satisfying.

Good luck!
2 weeks ago
Thinned out it works. I butchered some chickens once and ended up spattering blood on some nearby plants and the fresh stuff burned the leaves.
1 month ago
Yeah, I think they manage to keep it up because it's not a huge amount. Most people just say "oh well, I lost a couple bucks."

But the whole thing irritates me quite a bit. You're hurting my people, the folks who want to grow something fun and get exited about gardening. It's frustrating.
And here you go, Michael: http://www.thesurvivalgardener.com/love-paw-paws-kickstarter/

That should get you a few more backers. I don't have anything near Paul's reach, but I have a good-sized audience.
1 month ago
I backed it, Michael. Great idea. I'll share it on my site as well.

Good work, Nicole! I missed this post before you sent your email.
1 month ago