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Recent posts by David Good

Plant nursery, hands down.

I made about $1000 per month (averaged through the year - nothing was happening in winter, lots in the spring and fall) in about 1/10 acre of nursery space. Hit two farmer's markets a week and moved a lot of plants. Find a good niche. Mine was perennial vegetables, rare edibles, and fruit trees.
1 week ago
I tend to just way overplant so it doesn't matter if things get crushed.
1 week ago
It's got to be Annonaceae family - I'd bet on that. But which member?
1 week ago
This may be old hat for many of you, but I posted a quick video today on jump-starting a cold pile:

I'm hoping to get an award for my creative use of stock footage.

1 week ago
I went on a hike Sunday afternoon and found a strange plant. I live in Central America. Anyone know what this thing is? The tree is short and almost looks like Asimina to me, but we're way outside that range. I couldn't find any seeds. Fruit bats or rats must have eaten them with the pulp.

1 week ago

The yameoke was Christi's idea. She's a total ham - we had a blast.
1 week ago
Thank you. It was a joke - her real name is Christi Perry.
1 week ago
Thanks for the access, Paul. Fantastic!
1 week ago

The amazing thing about that fall in the river was it was completely unplanned. I was standing on top of an old dam, running the camera when I saw Christi slip and fall in the river. My heart jumped in my throat as I feared the worst - the rocks were mean, and I imagined she might have gone down on her head. I left the camera and started for her - carefully, because everything was slick with algae - and then she popped up again, laughing. Whew. When we reviewed the footage, we both laughed, and hence the "coordination" line was added.
2 weeks ago