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Recent posts by Randy Gibson

I guess I am being misunderstood. Does anyone make cheap leather shoes aka moccasins? I've got my dads old cowboy boots and
dress shoes.
3 years ago
Thank you for all of the replies, I am wanting the best of both worlds. I believe that even though
dry leather can be an insulator, it is a very poor insulator. Leather becomes a conductor when moist.

From my memory people that worked around high voltage and people that worked in vocations that
exposed them to open electricity were barred from wearing leather soled shoes.

At any rate, I find it unbelievable that there are not any permies making leather goods that under
privileged folks can afford.
3 years ago
and my daughter. If there is a for sale forum I either cannot find it or do not know how to surf it.
The format of Permies is very difficult for me to discern.

Thank you
3 years ago
Horses, wagons, bicycles, walking.
3 years ago
Sorry my memory is stuck in the 90's.

Here's one of numerous:

Here's another:


The list seems to be endless, facts are facts. It is all about capitalism. Where can the big corps squeeze more out of the consumer.

I drive a '97 Honda with 235K miles on it. I do not drive much at all.
3 years ago
On an electric car, by the time you mine the copper etc, smelt the lead, transport said materials to China etc for further processing,
and manufacture of finished components ship the finished components to the factory that assembles the electric car you are way upside
down in your carbon footprint. The electric car may last 10 years, then you have to dispose of the used batteries. Over the gathering materials.
building and shipping, the Pruis leaves a much larger footprint than a full size hummer. The study and facts are out there, google is your friend,
this time.  I do not approve of any current powered vehicles for mass transportation.
3 years ago
She is plenty strong, just vertically challenged. lol Thank you for the input.
3 years ago
My daughter is too short to get a full stroke with the 36" handle. new on is ~$75.00 from simple pumps. I do not want to cut my ~$100.00
36" handle if I do not have to.
3 years ago