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Recent posts by Cris Franco

January 12th is the last day to save $100 from the registration cost of the Rio Salado Permaculture Guild and Four Directions PermaCulture permaculture design course.

Each weekend of the course is held at a different permaculture homesite in Phoenix, AZ. Students will experience local, urban, drylands permaculture. One day of the course is a tour of natural and LEED homes and buildings. Twelve extra hours of hands-on classes are provided during the timeline of the course.

Weekend 1: Feb 9/10
Weekend 2: Mar 2/3
Weekend 3: Mar 23/24
Weekend 4: Apr 13/14
Presentation Day: May 4
Time: 8:30AM-5:30PM each day

More info on the website
7 years ago
I decided to start sharing on a wider scale this year. I figured a lot of people who discover permaculture through the web or a book would miss us if we only advertised locally.

We just had our monthly meeting last night. Next meeting is Feb 21st in Mesa. We'll be in Tempe the weekend of the 25th and 26th at ASU for Local to Global. Our next big event though is a workday at a home in Gilbert. We're doing earthworks (human and Bobcat scale) and planting the beginnings of a food forest. This is Feb 4th.

Hope to see you too.
8 years ago
Hello, just wanted to make note of our Rio Salado Permaculture Guild providing permaculture education and community to the East Valley. People outside of the East Valley are more than welcome to attend events, but our events are limited to within the East Valley boundaries. We are family friendly encouraging children to attend work events, providing kids classes, and childcare at most events.

We hold a Permaculture Design Course twice a year - Spring and Fall. $650 if you make the Early Bird Discount deadline. More info at Four Directions Permaculture
8 years ago