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since Jan 19, 2012
Regina, Saskatchewan
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I am in Regina, Treaty 4 lands, Saskatchewan, Canada
I have built 6-inch, 8-inch RMH and i did a 8-inch batch box.
I have been hired to put on a 2 day workshop which we built 8-inch RMH in a greenhouse
I can be seen in the innovators RMH DVD where I worked under Tim, we built the oven, water heater and the griddle.
I am always glad to help people with there RMH
9 months ago
I give this seed company 9 out of 10 acorns

Prairie Garden Seeds is a zone 2 seed company
Prairie Garden Seeds

"We are enthusiastic gardeners and seed savers with a large collection of seeds which we have been maintaining for about 30 years (the collection started off small and has had many additions throughout the years). Increasingly, a part of our work has been educating people about plants, seeds, local food, gardening and seed saving. As seed savers and preservationists, we encourage others to engage in the work we do in order to empower people to grow food from seed to seed."

These seeds are raised in some of the best soil in Canada, in a very short growing season, very hardy and quality is very high.  
This is what Tim did at the RMH innovators 2015, it was an old electric hot water tank dropped in 50 gallon drum, insulated with a sheet metal insert, j tube entered the top and exited the bottom, we ran the cold water into the bottom then the hot came out from the top, it heated the water really fast when running you could easily heat up any application, using a loop and a non pressurized system, or scale it up to suit the job you need.
4 years ago
Im not sure if they have fired anything yet, I was there for the first firing, worked like a charm, but then the event ended and it was just completed.
4 years ago
Ernie's Kiln
4 years ago
Ernie's kiln
4 years ago
Good to here from you Tim, glad Oz let you back in. I thanks for the update on the oven, will use it in my presentation later next month. i think the hot water heater is a big step in the right direction.
4 years ago
Part 6

For those of you who want a glimpse into the open source empire that Paul Wheaton built, I highly recommend attending a workshop on his farm in Missoula, Montana.
This man is established and willing to mentor others on their permanent agriculture path. Not only did he conceptualize and execute the 'pyronaut' workshop I attended last week,
he also extended his home and farm to all of the innovators and participants It takes a pretty open and patient person to let twenty
odd people invade your space for two solid weeks. Not to mention the handful of ants or natural builders that are experimenting on his land (more on that later).

Paul is someone who doesn't mince words when it comes to his vision and plans for his land. He has clarity and he is willing to fight for it.
His approach is not for the faint of heart and I can deeply respect that. He is able to be open with people because he has establishes clear boundaries on the values he is not willing to compromise on.
A mundane example of this is that when you are at Wheaton Labs you eat what Paul eats (no exceptions). No one had a problem with as he had an amazing 'kitchen commander' that served up well
thought out, homemade, local meals. Further to this you are only allowed to eat organic (or better) food if you want access to the pooper. To him only top notch nutrients will touch his soil as
he wants everything on his farm to thrive.

People who are givers are sometimes disappointed (I personally witnessed this when it was discovered that a contractor had taken short cuts costing Paul both time and money). Paul is pushing a big
agenda through his off grid Experimentation Lab and it that has a big wake. A lot of people haven't caught up to speed with him. He sees patterns that others aren't prepared to accept just yet and that is
ok because that is what leaders do. He is playing the long game and I hope others join him.

He nurtures his vision through his colony of ants. Under the mantra of “be the ant the first year- you can be the grasshopper the rest of your life”, he was made space for up to 12 people of his farm.
Leasing them 1 acre of land to experiment how they see fit. The rules are quite simple but grounded in solid contractual clauses like,” this agreement can be terminated by either of us at any time.”

I can relate to his vision and the effort it takes to achieve on a personal level from my years playing rugby. One of the hardest things is to get 15 guys to working together (to the point of sacrificing their bodies)
to achieve a stretch goal. Paul is asking the same of the ants. He has set an elite standard and wants people to rise to the challenge with a little coaching and space to grow. He is a uncompromising mentor
and brave as in the end he is the shouldering the risk of all the experimentation on his land.

Paul is perfectly complimented by Jocelyn, his down to earth plus one, who is just so damn nice she makes you believe in human kind (this coming from not a touchy feely person). She's the administrative base to
Paul's creativity and they have built something truly foundational that I hope becomes the standard. Huge shout out to Paul and Jocelyn who have reaffirmed my belief in the permaculture movement.

4 years ago