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john muckleroy jr

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since Feb 10, 2012
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I'm 55,male living in the woods,off the grid which is a polite way of saying no running water or and my 3 dogs and 5 cats trying to figure out a way to survive in these times.I do work in town,been at the same job for 20 years.I own my land and love the woods don't like the rat race.The whole world needs to detool and retool we're going the wrong way.Just found this site,it looks interesting.Didn't think there was anyone else like me.
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Recent posts by john muckleroy jr

I am researching forgotten root crops and not forgotten root crops that would be great for an area with no refrigeration that store well
I live in east Texas and this winter it got down to 7 degrees below zero for one night and was very cold and snowy for a week.It may be a trend.How can I build a cold frame to cope with this?I want to grow Gynura Procumbens or longevity spinach all through the winter.
I live in Texas but I am very interested in Dandelions as a food crop.Does anyone know anything about the variety I would want to grow?I read about how dandelions were extensively grown in Germany in WW2 and fed to prisoners for food.What variety am I looking for?
1 year ago
It is about a 12'x12' area or so.If I buried it in about 2' of hay would that kill the poison ivy?It is a highly fertilized area I was going to plant asparagus in and when I went to check it after about a year it had grown up in poison ivy or is there a safe poison ivy killer?
I have never ate a jerusalem artichoke in my life nor have I ever seen any in the store for sale but I have read they are hard to digest and give you a lot of gas and are best to feed animals.Is this true.Surely there is a variety that is suitable for human consumption?
2 years ago
I know "from reading" that Jerusalem Artichokes can be harvested anytime of the year and just left in the ground.Are there any other root crops like that?
3 years ago
Do the opium poppy flower varieties provide a good source of nectar for honey bees?Do they have a long blooming time?
3 years ago
I know the brochure says zones 9 and 10 and it's probably right.I just wonder if one would make it thru a zone 8 winter?
3 years ago
I have found two crops that don't need much care.Jerusalem Artichokes and Poke salad or poke root.Does anyone know of any others?also would appreciate info on cultivating poke salad in the garden.
3 years ago
So far I've found the Jerusalem Artichoke.Are there any others?
5 years ago