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Recent posts by Daniel Morse

Hi Folks,

Its been a while. How is everyone doing? Lets talk. A new year looms and as always, the road is a little rough. Nothing you all cant deal with.

How has the permies/homesteading going? Rural or Urban. Speak up. I am crawling out of a cave. So lets blow the stink off this thread and live it up!

We ae getting snow at the home tonight. Our first prolonged hard freeze this weekend. I am fencing off some trees. Putting straw on some little fruit trees.

I got a new wood/coal stove. Yeas, I burn coal. Hate me, love me. I cant cut as much wood as I did. Heat has to happen.

Tell us all whats up kids.
10 months ago
I walk around in much boots, shorts and no shirt and its 15F, sunny. Best way to get Vitamin D going! Fresh air and good for the skin. Thye think I am crazy and hustle thier kids from the bus stop. Good, keep the brats on your side of the street please.
1 year ago
Thats awesome. tell me about your land man!
2 years ago
I think throwing pee from a tree is justice. Trees fighting back. Love it!
2 years ago
Good Morning.

A lot has happened in the world since my last post. Today it is 9/11/2021.

I was in NYC that week after the attacks. I can talk about it, but I will not. Why? Everyone else is. Or they should be.

It was there at Ground Zero. I began to think a little harder about my farm and agriculture roots as I stood there.  Mom and Dad were my age then. They are still farming. I considered it...... Still, young I was working and traveling. Chasing the brass ring, so to say. Lol, it was soon after this work took me to the desert of California. There I had bought some land. I bought and converted a school bus and moved all the stuff, the partner and the dogs across country.

Now its a thing to do. I did it 20ish years ago. Like you, I was ahead of my time.

Now, the Plandemic has fleshed out millions out of cities to more rural and away from the crumbling cities. We were right to come out long ago. Congrats to all of you. YOU are ahead of the curve. Sadly they exodus of these nice city people have brought many real problems to our peaceful and backwards lifestyle. I say this because I was verbally attacked by some well meaning city guys about "us" rural gays and how we are traitors to our own ranks.

Of course they thought the guy in the overalls was hot and offers of sorts of relationships were made when others were not looking.

I do not have time for soft handed men who act like boys. Never did, never will. Sorry, go play and gbye.

I want to refresh this threat. All of you have dirt under your nails. Weather you live rural or urban. Where I sit this morning, I am on a visit to Detroit, MI. I know of many urban gardens and such. Also, at my farmette and other lands across the state, many are digging in also. There are a lot pf good stuff going on. Many of you are healing. I have been very, very ill. I was not sure if I would make it this far, Like you, we are survivors. Congrats. You made it.

Now, the serious stuff.

Gay in the frontier. No matter where you are, I need you to post. Lets chat. I still do not have internet at the farm but will try to keep going. We have a lot to share. We have a lot to talk about. We need each other. I do not like what I am seeing. I feel all of us, gay, straight, or whatever you call your self (just not late for dinner.gasp!) we need to kick into survival mode. No panic, just lets talk, help each other and rejoice.

We are still free.

Now a true story.

A few years ago I was in the Mideast. I will not say where. In a deep structure that was older than the time of the current age. I was witness to a group of other gay men and women. Very, very secret. This group told me of how they fear for their lives every day. A woman held my hand and cried. Here she could meet her partner and others and be free. The men told me stories of beatings, brutality I will not talk about. You imagination can fill in the gaps.

They all told me their stories of hell. For being how the intergalactic god or gods or earth god or goddess made them. I listened. I prayed with them. I gave them hope. I told them of my life. in contrast it just sounded hollow and pithy. My problems were nothing. NOTHING.

I can still see them in my minds eye.

Rejoice kids. We made it this far. We will go further. Remember this. What we do on the land. How we conduct our lives. Treat each other. How we love this world. Created a beacon of hope for not just us. A light of hope for all man-woman-human-animal and earthly kind. The enemies and evil is legion.

We are stronger.

Well. on a lighter note. MY new egg incubator is working. We were charged an extra 50 dollars at the mill for it. I heard the guys talking about it out back. They laughed a lot. I did not tell my partner as it would have upset him. I blend in well like that. I hear a lot of stuff from the guys. The partner not as much. I think we will have about 30 chicks in our first batch.

Of course two hens go broody a week after I fill the incubator. At least we had no broken eggs.

Life goes on. Grateful to be an American on the land.

Daniel Morse  9/11/2021
2 years ago
When i lived in the desert of Joshua Tree, we had a very real heat problem. The flatish roof was covered in the tar and pebbles of yesteryear. It worked very well with the wind and harsh conditions. However, between 3pm and midnight, we could feel the stored heat coming from the roof in the house and above if you were on the roof.

A 110 F this is a major problem.

So, being a midwesterner, i found the solution.

Simply water.

Now everyone will scream I am wasting water. Yes and no. Grey water got used up and POOF! it was amazing ow well it worked. It would literally steam right off. Especially in the evening once the sun went below the mtn tops, a quick spray and problem went away. Thus less waste w the swamp cooler or ac unit.

The reverse in the winter.

Good luck.
3 years ago
Happy Solstice,

Good day friends. Been a while. I myself had to come back to the city for reasons. How are you all doing? My garden has dipped inot warp drive.

SO people of the lands how are YOU? Tell us your story and titillate Paul and the rest us plotters.
3 years ago
An underground house needs a hat and boots. Keep water out of the living area and drainage. I would use clay as a top or whatnot. Then cover with topsoil.
3 years ago