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Recent posts by Daniel Morse

Paul,, as my one grandmother would say, "I am too busy to attend to silly people." She would smile and me and do as good people do, carry on. This whole thing I have watched from afar. Why? I have stuff to do. Carry on big guy and it will fade away. Good luck man.
Hi guys,

SO, I have a small field I am rehabbing from corn/soy production. Any input. I have oats for forage to sow there. I got a bag from a guy. I want to do biomass like waste and leaves. Any input kids? BTW, welcome to the group. I often wonder if our posts get noted, but hey we are here and working hard.

Whats is new this spring for anyone? Lets hear it.

3 months ago
Good Morning.

It is a balmy mid 30s here in Mitten of Michigan. Raining actually. Will be in the low 40s all week and sunny to cloudy I hear and read. So much to do. Had a job interview yesterday in town. Very adversarial. He actually questioned if a man my age can do the work. For real. I wasted half a day over this twit. Age is a very real problem when looking for work. Also recently i was asked in more than one job application my age, race and some other too personal stuff. That is the world we now live in.

I told my partner all my years of education are now worthless. Age is the next big discriminator. My partner tells me stories of older friends of his who being forced out of their jobs.

As the world burns everyone seems to be playing the fiddle.

Just put in a wood stove in my little house. Lol, a second set of hands was needed. My brother, who was also forced out of a job recently, helped. Good time spent with my brother. Just us old guys.
5 months ago
Well, its time to make the big decisions. I have a leg on the farm and a leg in the city. There are no jobs in the rural areas, or should I say few? Anyway I am spending the week here in the city working. Weekend at the farmstead. Last week, I found a lot of stuff had been stolen. Funny, I told the township supervisor I was coming out and I was robbed the next day before I got there.

Someone wants me to sell so bad. Prime location for some building lots for wealthy people. I will not sell. Period. I will sow it with salt first.

Getting ready to plan for next year. New fencing and security about to be installed. Got ideas myself.

SO the bigger question is this is this,... Does anyone feel like they are being targeted over political and or lifestyle by vandals and thieves? I think true thieves should have severe punishments. Just a personal opinion.

So I am putting in some trees soon. Not sure where. But some old producers. I want to see a 100-year-old apple tree in 100 years my kin can harvest from. My new fences will also produce raspberries and other tasty berries that are thorny. I look forward to people enjoying that as they try to trespass. Building for my kids and their kids.

My house n Detroit is about to be put on the market. I was mugged in front of the house a few weeks ago. Called a faggot and was knocked out by gang members. I have some broken teeth and still memory problems. The police never did much or care. Homophobic assholes. One cop was laughing. It is time to devote my full attention to our rural farm rich people want to buy the land. Maybe time to get pigs. Tasty and cute fellas they are.

Looking forward to doing more planting. The ground there waits to be used. What I planted this spring did so darn well. Darn well.

Hope to see more posts guys. Love it!

7 months ago
Hey everyone. How did everyone survive the heat and summer. Glad fall is around the corner here. About to do my late crop of cabbage and stuff like. I was able to get a patch of flax and rye this year. Potatoes were a mixxed bag. Some did great, others meh,... Overall good stuff.

Lets tell each other how good or bad we did. I did well with my organic compost. Never used any fertilizer. A little lime is about all. I will be getting back a acre from a the farmer who planted gmo soy on it w the roundup issue. I look forward to rehabbing the soil. Already the hawk nests above us are empty. It was an amazing summer. My weekend at the land were amazing.

Let us know folks -Daniel
8 months ago
I park my old truck in front of the doors. Locked and battery out if I am gone for a spell. I have lost thousands to theft. Actually, odds are it is someone you know. I still think these career criminals need to be delt with.

Anyway maybe it is time to rethink all of this. Good luck.
1 year ago
Has the ground been over used? Is it new tilled? I would do rye or hay. Also, see if one of the feedlots near you have poo. Horse stables always do. You can compost but the beauty of horse poo is often it has a lot of seeds ready to help you out!!!  In the old days we would just spread it out and let it happen. As we used it on production fields we had to let it compost for a year just because of the seed issues. Just old ways of doing it. The straw and matter will help your field quickly. Waste organic matter like leaves and wood from the local town also if you can haul. I do not know how bad or good your ground is. Good luck. MAybe the ground needs to rest a year or so. Hay or cover crop mix and or pasture it.

Good luck!

PS, pigs do wonders to ot to!
1 year ago
Lets be frank. New York has stringent electrical codes. ALWAYS for the health and safety of others USE THE NEWEST CODES and Regulations. Local inspectors love to see people go to code. We have electrical codes for a reason. The reason,...the dead bodies of adults, children, animals and destroyed property.

The latest LED still uses amps/watts/voltage. Enough to easily kill and destroy. It is this simple. Even here on the family farms where we can do things differently in some respects, we still strive for code. It does not cost more and is safe. Its that simple. If electrical is to code, you cant get sued either.

In my residential I insist on 12 gauge still in typical 15/20 amp circuts. Why? Wires over burdened will get hot. They get warm during normal use. Especially in certain weather conditions. I would rather have the safe factor! I insist on top grade circuit panels also. Why? There are vast differences between builder grade and best grade electrical panels. It does not cost that much to have better wires, electrical panels, new drops and fixtures appropriate for the situation.

Also, most LED lights and fixtures are made good enough to work.....good enough...means you must be better.

Now for the kicker.

If you are considering low voltage remember it still can kill you. Use appropriately. There is code for low voltage and different applications.

Wire if for a lifetime and the next person who will live in the situation. Talk to your local inspectors and get a good rep. Get coded. Get it right. Good luck.
1 year ago
Terry, thats great. I will assume you have mixed topography. Awesome. Send us some pictures of your stuff.

Water is life. My old farmhouse, at the old one, I had to drop a new well. The water here is vast, free and abundance. Well until the multinationals suck us dry. My other place the old well is actually in the kitchen. A stick well we call them. I need to change the screen. That will be a fun project. The long-term tenant did a lot of damage to the house. Ignorant people chimneys and walls moved. Will take a lot of work.

I have some land I need to let rest as it has been corn and beans for a long time. I think I will do some cover or a grain like rye. I have some ideas. Flax is on the agenda this year. Some small plots. See what works best. Chickens a definite.

What is everyone up to?