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Clicked Rent, login to permies, then login to paypal, 1c is 2c Canadian, paid
Returned permies and video was embedded.

2 years ago
One think I've here on the Canadian Prairies is temporary snow berms to catch snow on the leeward side.
To stop snow drifting onto the highway, the municipal road grader will plow up banks parallel to the road.

My dad made a couple of sections of snow fence on steel frames that he can install and remove easily with a tractor.  
2 years ago

I've never tried a scythe, I spent a couple years trying to find a grass whip locally, before a new farm store opened locally.

3 years ago
I thought I read on a homesteading blog that someone used peroxide to keep their soaker tub water clean. They were using a metal or poly stock tank for their urban homestead. They would add peroxide prior to a nights soak and let it bubble for a while. The peroxide degrades to form oxygen and water which should then be safe to drain afterwards.
3 years ago
downloaded with chrome/win7
chapter 4 pages 1-32
16.5 MB (17,341,647 bytes)
Steven explained on TSP that the radius of an EMP from a nuclear blast is rarely larger than the heat wave, so you shouldn't worry EMP breaking battery powered equipment.
4 years ago

Does anyone have experience cooling water with evaporation?
I've read about the clay pot stuff, but I'm interested in other stories as well.

My dad & were cleaning out the garage at the farm a number of years ago when I found a Ford car desert water bag.
The canvas bag that you would fill with water and hang in front of the car and allow evaporation to cool it.

He told me a story that when my grandfather was swathing, he would take a gallon glass jug that they had a wool cover for and soak the wool in water and then place the jug in the shade of the first windrow.
He would have cool water to drink as he worked.
4 years ago
my brick of cards made it to Winnipeg.

They look great Paul & Alex.
5 years ago

Hey guys,
I'm kicking around the idea of slowly introducing my brother in law who is a conventional (curmudgeon) farmer to permaculture by trying to sell him on the idea of a small food forest to attract deer.
In our area, baiting deer with straight grain is illegal, so the alternative is to plant a patch of favourable greens to attract them to the location.
I watched the instructional video for one of the products, and it involved hosing down the area with chemical and planting a week later, not very permaculture.

I've read they like acorns in the fall and seem to like alfalfa I'm wondering what I could design to be a perennial system that may be in a cattle pasture.
Other say that they like apples, but Manitoba is a little cold for some of that stuff.

I would like to avoid the commercial products that may contain GM soybeans and sugar beets.


5 years ago