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Recent posts by Tina Nixon

I'm in! I did $25. What a great program!
3 years ago
Welcome Mr. Barstow!
I received your book as a gift from my boyfriend last week, and it's wonderful. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in perennial vegetable plants.

Thanks so much for your work!
4 years ago

R Scott wrote:

David Livingston wrote:This chimes in with an issue I have in the new house as the LL wants to put radiators under the windows. I thought of asking did he want us to heat the garden or the house. So I intend to extend the windowsill to force the warm air further from the window , and have curtains flush with the windowsill and build a pelmet at the top to further seal things up .
Do you guys think this worth the effort?


DEFINITELY! and add velcro, magnets, pins, etc. to stick the sides down and it will really seal up.

Another trick is to add bubblewrap to the windows (stick it on with a little spray of water). Lets light through and is as effective as an extra pane for practically free.

The bubblewrap trick is one of the best/easiest ways we've ever insulated for winter - I just took ours down yesterday, since it's finally warming up outside. And since we're renters, it's one of the best ways to do temporary insulation that we can take with us when we move elsewhere.
5 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:The file upload for PODS started yesterday. We have tested some and they are working properly. There is a good chance that the announcements will go out later today.

I just downloaded mine last night - thanks Paul! Couldn't have been much easier.

Eva Taylor wrote:That's perfect Ta! Do you (or anyone reading )have suggestions for iPad apps that would be useful for landscape design? I have tried some and they all seem a little lame, or hard to use...
Great suggestion though, It will be good to get a head start on how to get the final design in.

In addition to Cj's suggestion re. the thread on permies, and Jennifer's suggestion to check out permaculturedesigns.org, I have some of my own feedback regarding tools, but mostly on the mac desktop side

I used a combination of photoshop & omnigraffle (a mac-only product) - I work in technology design, so I already had these programs. The cost might be prohibitive, though. Omnigraffle has a free trial period, and I think it's got almost all of the features of the $$$ product, so might be worth trying out.
I also took a ton of screenshots from google maps, and google earth & layered digital drawing layers over them.

Note: there is an iPad version of omnigraffle but it's expensive & has very limited functionality compared to the desktop version - I definitely would not recommend it until they build it with 80% - 90% of what the desktop version has. I don't have any experience with landscape design tools, but I really like the drawing/painting app Procreate - not sure if it's suited to PDC design workflow, however. A dropbox or evernote account makes it easy to work on the design from multiple devices too - Procreate lets you import photo layers from dropbox, as well.

In retrospect, google maps and google earth provided really great base materials to design onto - learning to use google earth's tools is hugely helpful if you don't already know how.

Hope that helps!

5 years ago
I took the course as well, and am so glad that I did. I learned an enormous amount in that time and refer to the DVDs all the time now.
If there was one thing that might help in advance of the course, it might be this: start thinking about how you'll document the final project. If you are very comfortable with design tools on a computer, great, but if not you could try some out now, or figure out how you'll do without, like do drawings on paper & photograph them or scan them.

As far as the forums/community went - The regional forums were one of my favorites. And when it came time to start getting ready to prepare the final project, there was a lot of discussion/support on the forums too.

I think it's one of the best things I've ever done with my money and time.

5 years ago
I signed up for the $125 level - with my crazy work schedule & maintaining gardens in two locations, online courses work best for me. I got a lot out of Geoff Lawton's course last year & am interested to see how I can augment what I picked up there.
Cool idea!
5 years ago
Some additional anec-data:

I quit eating simple wheat carbs a few weeks ago to see if it would help with a fungal infection....and my residual heartburn (that hangs around even when I am taking medication for it) got about 80%-90% better. It also seems to have helped with the fungal infection, but the unexpected bonus of having my heartburn improve so much was quite the pleasant surprise!
Since then, I've read that heartburn can be a symptom of a gluten-related sensitivity.

Thought this might be useful for others as well - I thought I knew exactly what my trigger foods were, but it turns out I was missing the biggest one!
5 years ago

Denice Moffat wrote:Good price on the ramp seeds Ta. Thanks for the tip. I'd not heard of EverWilde farms before.

Glad to help.
5 years ago