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Shawn Harper

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since Mar 01, 2012
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Recent posts by Shawn Harper

Young paw paw likes to grow in shade for the first 3-5 years. They look a bit sun burnt to me.
3 years ago
My left eye waters whenever there is a big storm that moves in fast and moves out fast... my old hiking buddy used to get sick every storm.
4 years ago
I would probably plant some other crops interplanted with them. Maybe something strong scented like onions mint.
4 years ago
my brain. I love my long net, my shovel, and a host of other items, but they all cost me money. Too many times i've been given advice by well meaning people to just buy X and solve my problems. Often I can puzzle out the problem with a little patience and my grey matter. Ultimately I could walk into the forest without any tool other than my brain and survive.
4 years ago
Do you start yours indoors and transplant? I always figured without enough light they wouldn't germinate.
4 years ago
It sounds and looks like you need more mulch. I personally would add about 6-10 inches to what I saw in the photo.

Norma Guy wrote:Haha, I just have to add one... this is so stupid.

I harvested my cabbages (red express) with the intention of making sauerkraut, and layered them in a recycling bin with newspaper, leaving them until the weekend when I would have time.  I was stressed out and mentally exhausted from my job and the only thing I did for myself at that time was gardening.
One morning I got up for work, groggy and annoyed.  On the way out of the house to catch the bus, I remembered it was garbage day, and hurriedly got the items ready for garbage pickup.  I saw the blue box full of newspaper and wondered where the heck all of this newspaper came from, assuming my in-laws brought us all their garbage again (this happened from time to time).

I put the whole bin of cabbages out for recycling and didn't realize what I had done until it was time to make the sauerkraut and I couldn't find them

Between my lack of energy and time, powdery mildew (the garden plot is not ideally situated, but it's a rental property), and squirrels, it was a very discouraging gardening season.  But the mistake to avoid in this case is don't throw out your best produce in an exhausted, stressed out haze.

I'm just picturing some confused recycling guy looking at bin full of cabbages! I can't stop laughing!
I for one am glad of the off season plants. As an experienced gardener I know to set my maters next to the house to keep them in the thermal bubble to ride out the mild colds. I wish they would hire people of similar knowledge sets at the stores to tell people tricks like that.
I would just like to add don't be afraid if you have the wrong type of chips. still try! I am growing wine caps on cedar atm! They are a great beginner mushroom that is very forgiving.
4 years ago
I’m sure the trees will be fine. Just give some water if over 100.
4 years ago