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Recent posts by michael wuest

Cheers, it s stone old, very easy and extremely effective, AND it s scientifically proven to work.

You burn dried cow shit smeared with butter fat in a pyramid shaped copper bowl,
add some grains of rice and murmur some words in Sanskrit every sundown and dawn.

Sounds weird? Well when a friend of mine came up with it i asked him if he was either on drugs or had too much of
his wine last night. But it turned out to be a life changing experience for me. And for basically everybody who actually
tried it.

This several 1000 year old vedic ritual NEUTRALIZES toxins and radioactivity and in less than 6 months you can grow organic food
on a former lethally poisoned patch. Actually the quality is even better than organic. And it s proven to work all over the planet since decades.

Do or don t believe it, i don t care. I know it works as i tried it and developed some interesting thing from it like a water purifying and
energizing egg or a no-electricity-needed-fridge. I even got invited to speak about this in France, Austria and Germany the last months.

All i say is, consider that there is stuff you don t know about, you aren t supposed to know about and which is so simple a task that it seems unrealistic
that it actually can work. So what i want to say is, don t believe a word i say - TRY IT OUT FOR YOURSELF BEFORE JUDGING IT )))

And once you re on it take some old ceramic drainpipes, fill em with paramagnetic sand like Eifelgold and place em all over the yard.
Your veggies will become double and triple in size in much shorter a time AND with their full taste and tenderness. NO chemicals needed.

the first is called Agnihotra and the second a Callahan tower.

here a link to more links http://www.agniculture.net/Agnihotra.htm

if you want to know more just send a short email via my website agniculture.net as i am currently busy to prepare for our africa trip this month

my best wishes


Attached a picture of Yannick van Doorne holding the Kohlrabi (German turnip) a organic farmer harvested when trying the Callahan tower on one of his fields in Austria
One was harvested after 4 weeks out of the range of the tower and the other inside the range of the tower, Guess which is which ))

11 years ago
Hi Abe,
i thought living off the grid is quite normal, on the other hand Africa is not the US . If you want some info about what we do to stay off grid just send an PM, cheers, mike

Hi Peta,
OMG, good that you mention it, i completely oversaw that, i would have been pissed off when the paths would start to sink once the mulch and other plant stuff would turn into soil and absorb the gravel on top of it. thanks a lot for that one.
And the clay will be easily compacted before putting gravel on it, so it will serve as a river bed, no water passing through. Sorry, since we saw the report PLASTIC PLANET i just avoid any kind of plastics wherever i can.

I don t want any plastic on our land, nightmarish poisonous stuff. I think some nice clay or ceramics tubes, flower pots or similar with little holes drilled through will do as well for a worm farm.



11 years ago
Hi Peta, (Petra?) evaporation is a huge problem where we are, thats why i d like to cover the soil with wood chips in the beginning, once i have a living carpet of shrubs and greenery that might not be necessary any more,

also the water is actually not a problem, we got enough, but from the river and well, no rainfall worth mentioning here

i wonder if i dig out the paths between the hugelbeete a little deeper, fill it with weeds or mulch to store water and cover that with a layer of rocks and gravel so water can move where its soaked up best might be a good idea

that way i d have some decent paths to walk on and get through with a wheelbarrow, same time the ground would be covered, no evaporation and water stored beneath the stones

the worm farm is a great idea, i hope i can find some there, if not i ll have to get some from the atlas 500km up north

i love rain worms as we call them in germany, up there we got plenty and they turn sand and dirt into a wonderful soil very fast

thanks for the idea,



11 years ago
Hello, we are creating something which could be described as a permafarm from end of october in the Sahara desert in Morocco.


next to the river Draa in Beni Ali right at the end of the valley

Actually it is not a real permafarm, it s sth 2 steps further down the path, sth like an AGNIHOTRA-ORGA-URKULT-BACKTO EDEN-FOOD FOREST

This is how it looks right now, but as you can see, once there s a little water applied everything becomes green

we will work with hugelbeete and will create a food forest BUT we will implement and experiment with agnihotra, electro-magneto culture and
several other techniques to develop a system which can be copied by everyone even without any prior knowledge on farming or gardening.

A system which will work in dry desert climate and which works as well in northern humid areas. Something which gives you maximum output with minimum input
becoming self sustaining after some time so you can leave for a 3 or 6 months holiday without the headache that you find that the plants died once you are back home

We already made lot of experiments in our garden in Germany and the results were promising to say the least.

Potatoes grew i meter high green and there were lots of huge potatoes in the ground beneath, carrots, beets, fruits and veggies, herbs
all plants grow faster, bigger and healthier,

no trouble with pests at all, all trouble we had this year was with the white beans which were eaten by the snails, completely, all other stuff untouched

they live beneath the salad and don t touch it because all our plants radiate strength and health, treating them with quartz sand, agnihotra
and other things shows amazing results and the work load this year was reduced to approximately ONE-TWO HOURS/DAY per 100m2 !!!

love your snails because they are your friends, they show you what
you don t want to eat because it s sick or dead and eat it for you

they never ever touched strong and healthy plants, yummy herbs and salads which you d
suspect they will eat in one single night they woudn t bother to get near

So now we create a permafarm which is no permafarm

we create some kind of agricultural paradise working with nature and restoring environmental energetic patterns with vedic techniques

it s a project you won t find somewhere else and we do have 2 spaces left for longtime volunteers, the other 4 rooms are occupied already,

we will build some clay houses, wofatis or half spheres, also one or the other pyramid, so next year there will be more space for volunteers

and yes of course, also couples are welcome, even families, we have 2 kids, age 2 and 5, just read first what you can and can not expect at our place
so you won t be disappointed when you arrive. it s here: http://www.agniculture.net/Workwithus.htm

Read a little through our page www.agniculture.net or have a look at the experiments i documented under www.michels.tv and if you feel this is for you
get in touch withus and we will find out if you and we will come together

Languages spoken are english, french, arabic, tamazight as well as castellano and some italian



11 years ago
Hi Eric

after watching the site you linked it fell onto me like a boulder, of course, the reports i ve seen and never understood where exactly about that, AERATION of the roots. I have seen several websites where they filled the beds, hugel and normal with a thick layer of rocks, and now i caught at last why, get some air to the roots ))))

The wires aren t weird at all, some german railway worker figured it out after observing that near tracks which are heading exactly north-south the greenery is tenfold as all other tracks. He experimented, was successful and got lots of trouble then like everybody who discovers the good stuff.

In german it s called orga urkult and i got it linked on my site, there is a friend of mine who s doing sth similar in france and his site s in english just google up yannick van doorne, really nice chap and good ideas

thanks again, cheers


11 years ago
Hi Eric, we are fortunate and have half of the terrain already a forest with palm trees and half of the terrain dry hard clay which we will have to turn into sth i don t know yet what exactly. The hugelbeete covered with wood chips seems to be the bet solution. A daily Agnihotra will do its share to change the soil, too.

The wicking beds i never read about so i m curious too, also the aeration of the roots when you have hard clay soil is interesting because that is exactly what we have. If you check out the pictures on my site you can see for yourself. www.agniculture.net


11 years ago
Has anybody experience with the covered soil like in BACK TO EDEN?

I tried that now for two years in Germany and during last years very very dry spring it was fantastic
to see that the areas covered with a 1-2 inch layer of wood chips was still moist after 2 weeks sun and no watering.

We will try 1-1,5m high hugelbeets in the Sahara on our next project, www.agniculture.net as well as covering them with wood chips as i did in Germany.

It worked well over here and i hope sby has more experience with it and is willing to share infos so i can avoid unnecessary mistakes



here s a video of the hugelbeete


11 years ago
Hi here is the update on our experiments with a combination of orga urkult, which is also known as electro magneto culture, agnihotra and more techniques, it s quite obvious once you see the 2 potatoe pachtes that agnihotra gardens can still be improved i can t wait to start our big yard in beni ali by the end of the year giving us the possibility to experiment on 10000m2 , here s the vid, cheers, mike http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=90882zWXCUk
11 years ago
Hi there, i really enjoy the info i can find here on permies, and when i stumbled over the wwoofer website and started searching on the net for more info again i landed here, so i will make my first try right here. We just rented on a long term basis one hectar (10000m2) in the palm grove near Zagora, open google maps and copy-paste the line beneath and you are there:

Zaouia De Sidi Elmokhtar Ben Ali, Souss-Massa-Draa, Maroc

We will be back in germany by the end of next week and start preparing all material and info needed to come back to zagora by the end of october. so in case anybody wants to give us a hand with info, help of any kind, and if i would be only some seeds we d appreciate very much. wwoofers or interns can stay with us for as long as they want, we have 6 spare rooms as the site is an ancient camping space.
In the beginning i ll have to renew shower and toilets as they are in a catastrophic state, so please whoever is interested to spend some weeks or months in the sahara remember that until spring 2013 it will be VERY spartanic to say the least. And most of the heavy work has to be done in the first months too.
There will be locals who ll work there but still, each hand will help and spreading the knowledge how to grow fruits and veggies organic, high quality and with less water will help to stop the constant growth of the use of chemicals in morocco and help people to become less dependant on imports and the state.
I experimented already with agnihotra, orga urkult and several other ways to increase growth and quality of plants and want to do that in a bigger scale down there, so the local farmers can see and learn from the project by watching and touching and through not some shallow presentations they wouldn t visit anyway.
Back home i ll make a small webpage with lots of pictures and details so please give me until mid april to set that up, thanks.
We lived in morocco already several years as i scouted there for german companies and my wife is actually a real tamazight berber, so we do have the chance to open quite some doors where others don t even see them. languages spoken are german, french, english, arabic, tamazight, spanish and italian.
Whatever kind of info you d like to have or give, just send a message and we ll see how we can help each other, thanks a lot,
my best wishes from a sunny rabat
12 years ago