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Recent posts by Collin Vickers

Hey all,

OP here.

A few years have passed since I posted this topic, and I have to say, I've come to realize that there are lots of people ACTUALLY doing permaculture, all over the place. They aren't necessarily on camera, but they're definitely out there doing the good work that needs to be done.

A lot of the work I have seen first hand is at Dancing Rabbit Eco-Village, where I am now a member! If you're interested, check us out at

I am most impressed with Geoff Lawton and some of the people he has showcased in the video series he and his comrades have produced in connection with their online PDC project. I definitely recommend checking that out.

Thanks for taking so much interest in the topic and keep growing the greens!

- CV
9 years ago
In a nutshell, they make fairly sophisticated musical instruments from recycled refuse.
11 years ago
Know anything about it? Acacia and other legume trees?
11 years ago
I know ducks eat slugs, but geese?
11 years ago
Can you offer any insight into running chickens, geese, turkeys or other poultry in the same A - H kind of environment?
11 years ago
According to various unscientific sourses I've read, goats and sheep have been raised together successfully for possibly thousands of years in Asia Minor and east Africa.

It's based on the fact that the two species prefer different feed plants. Can someone expand on how they are kept together, in detail?

What about adding cattle to the mix?

11 years ago
I thought you might be interested in this mostly scientific article on keeping cattle and sheep together.

Can someone comment on adding goats or other critters to the mix?
11 years ago