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Recent posts by R Scott

90% of health problems are diet/toxin triggered, most can be reversed if caught early.  Or at least you can stop the degeneration.

Even many seizures can be controlled simply by diet, google ketogenic diet.  It is not easy to be on a strict keto diet in most places today, but it can be done.  It does wonders for lots of weight and diabetic issues, too.

1 year ago
Engineers without borders has a design to make a press for larger bio waste bricks, but pellets are pretty hard to do on a homestead scale.  I looked because I had unlimited access to sawdust.
1 year ago
500 watts doesn't sound like much, but 500 watts 24/7/365 is probably equal to 5000 watts of solar or more for you.  And battery bank can be much smaller because it is only for surge, not to get through several cloudy days.
1 year ago
First, check the laws.  Bringing the birds to you might nullify their on farm exemption and make you a processor in the eyes of the law.

Second, I would charge a set consulting fee for your time, a delivery/pickup fee for your mileage, and a per bird price for the equipment.  No idea what is a fair rate, depends on what processors charge there, you have to come in cheaper when considering the farmer's  time.
1 year ago
I don't think it is possible to over dry seeds without over heating them.  I know a guy that runs a survival seed business and discussed the research with him.  I don't remember the exact number, but he dries seeds to low single digit relative humidity.  He built a special cold dryer to do it.
I think this is a wonderful idea.  

Big community building with showers and washers and a big walk in fridge and freezer.  Single well, common bulk purchase for mulch and compost, etc.

The gotcha is waste management.  Mandate composting toilets? Allow RV black tanks?

Do you run water and power to sites or everyone off grid pads with a everyone hauling from community building or community water truck.

So many questions
Pick a strain that fruits in the temps you maintain.  That is probably a summer or three season strain.

What kind of substrate are you using?
1 year ago
Copper is expensive and soft, making for tools that bend and dull easily.

If you want copper benefits on your tools, you could get scrap electrical wire, electricians always have short cutoffs, and wrap them around your existing tools.  As close to the working end as you can without getting in the way.
1 year ago
I think aircrete is a great way to stretch an energy intensive non natural building material as far as possible.  

Compared to foam (blue, pink, or spray) I think it is probably a little less embodied energy and way less toxic.  

It also has interesting applications for retrofitting insulation in or around existing buildings.
1 year ago
My preferred answer is to build the garage/shop/barn and live in it while building the house.
1 year ago