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Is this thread for those who have read some of the titles on the grid? I got excited when I saw this and thought I was going to get some titles for free! lol Happy to read and make reviews
When I attempted to purchase, says its only available in the US Is this correct, or have I made a mistake in the purchase process?
2 months ago
This is my own bag which Ive made a few of over time from reclaimed fabric. It starts as a 'normal' size bag, and if you end up buying more than you expected, it grows to twice the size. A good idea pre-Christmas also for holding the longer length of wrapping paper etc
8 months ago
I live in Wales and I have to say it is just awesome !  One of the most amazing things about lockdown is that we all get to spend more being human beings, as opposed to being 'human doings'
I have seen just the most spectacular sights simply walking my dog. Amazing sunsets, stupendous examples of nature, and brilliant sunrises. And even now as Summer gives way to Autumn, the best is yet to come.
The change in the flora and fauna is just mind-blowing, and for some reason, better this year than ever. Maybe its the fact that theres little else on offer in terms of entertainment, but then maybe its just that our eyes didnt see it until they had to
1 year ago
I have watched this video many times and have the intention to build one. My big question is, how on earth do you get that coiled pipe inside the drum? Even if you get it in there, how do you feed it out the other side? Its probably been the stumbling block for me as its the first step and the one I feel would be most difficult Ive considered using a smaller drum than a 55 gallon size and using it upright, but including all the same features, pressure 'valve' etc etc.
3 years ago
Many thanks for both replies Peter I'm going to try to post the pics of the three types of brick. The flatter ones are a kind of purple colour and are about 1.5ins thick I suppose I should have realised they would be more useful in the bench area as the job they do in the storage heaters is pretty much the same, absorbing the heat to give off the warmth at a later point  In terms of using metal in the riser, does the metal stay intact or is it sacrificial? If sacrificial, do the exhaust contain gases given off by whatever metal I might use?  
4 years ago
Ive been visiting these forums for some years now in order to do the background reading and study in the hope of building my own RMH. I live in the UK, in Ianto country actually, Wales. One of ther main things holding me back is the materials I should use. After doing much research I believe the general consensus of opinion is that metal isnt that brilliant for the construction of the burn tunnel and heat riser, and most people tend to favour bricks. I have quite a few bricks that I could use, more than enough I believe, of the bricks that are placed inside electric storage heaters. They are heavy, seem very dense, and the ones that I have come in 3 different shapes and sizes, Im guessing thats down to the variation of type of storage heater they were placed in. My question is, are these suitable/useful in the build, and if so, where might I benefit most regarding the placement e.g. burn tunnel, heat riser or drum support? Im hoping that they have excellent insulating qualities and may save me the job of insulating the area that I could possibly use them I can provide photos of the bricks but would have to be tomorrow Many thanks
Incidentally, if I have put this question in the wrong area of the forums, please let me know and move to the correct area if so.
4 years ago

paul wheaton wrote:As the cooler days approach, I went and prepared for this years experiments in heat. 

I have set the thermostats to 50. 

I have purchased:

[url=]a dog bed warmer


[url=]a 300 watt radiant heater

[url=]A butt warmer

and, [url=]a contraption for converting AC to DC for the butt warmer

I expect that I will feel plenty warm and that my electric bill will be a tiny fraction of what it would otherwise be. 

The problem with the pads last year:

1)  they would shut off after two hours - so I would have to turn them back on again.

2)  to do "medium" heat, they would cycle on and off between the edge of "ow! that's too hot!" and "I'm starting to get cold - is this thing on?"

I hope that the stuff I'm trying this year doesn't do that. 

I also stocked up on incandescent light bulbs and am toying with the idea of hanging a chick brooder light over my head (my head comes complete with a bald spot). 

I tried the chick brooder light under my desk, over my feet last year.  Feh - not a big help.  Not nearly as good as the heating pad and the heating pad uses a lot less power.  Plus, the light coming from under the desk was kinda bright and weird and I didn't like it.

As winter sets in, I'll try to post the results of my experiments here.

As a butt warmer alternative, wouldnt an hot water bottle do the same thing? Im a big fan of them and they fit in very well with your theory of heating the person rather than the room, which is so much more economical in my opinion. I adapt clothing to make internal pockets into which can be popped a hot water bottle, which is very effective to heat the person, we can even adjust it to our own personal preferences, whereas heated rooms will never suit all the people using the room in question. Your post also on kotatsu heating could be adapted to use HWB (hot water bottle, I find myself spending a lot of time quessing what abbreviations mean nowadays when browsing the internet!) By the time the HWB needed replenishing, we would need a leg stretch anyway. Make a hot cuppa, to help in the process, and water heated for HWB at the same time, all done on our RMH (we all know what they are, thankfully)
4 years ago