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Recent posts by dan collins

Right on.  Great to hear he'll be back one day.
Thanks for the update Burra.  Cheers

7 years ago
Still looking to throw a couple of questions his way. THks
7 years ago
Yes I have purple mooseaged him, no luck.  Thanks for the replies.
7 years ago
I have been looking to contact Dale Hodgins of Victoria, BC,  a regular permies contributor.  
Last I last heard he was going to eradicate some hogweed.  
7 years ago
The 3rd season of Live Free or Die has been showing and is the best one yet.  

The parts with Tony and Amelia have been the highlight again for us with their great working relationship, excellent humor and wonderful ideas they bring to the show.  We can't wait to see what they do next.  

7 years ago
Hey Dale a few questions regarding this old post.
Are they still available?
Any photos to show their condition?
I will be in Victoria in the next month for a week, could I have a look at them?

We a currently looking into land on the island an could have use for one that was in decent shape for temp storage/ shelter.

7 years ago
I recently saw that there is a farming game out there but is completely conventional farm orientated not so permie. I wish there was a permaculture video game. An experience which focused on being creative and building life not poisons, guns or cars.

Some games currently use building blocks to a great permie game.

-custom terrain creation (Mine craft, though it is to blocky for my liking)
-virtual animals (Buck hunter)
-maturing plant life (Tropico)
-day and night, weather and seasonal changes (Harvest moon)
-home design (The Sims)
-forest management (Stronghold)

any feedback, thanks.

8 years ago
Yes its bait. The slugs/snails like to hide on the underside of the bark out of the sun. A pair of work gloves with the rubber palm/fingers works good picking and wiping the slugs off the bark into a bucket The concave shape of the slab of bark makes a nice chute for aiming them in to a bucket with 3" of water in it. I usually try not let the underside (concave) of the bark dry out and I check once a day, then throw them to the fish and ducks.

8 years ago