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since May 06, 2012
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North Fork, CA. USDA Zone 9a, Heat Zone 8, 37 degrees North, Sunset 7/9, elevation 2600 feet
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Recent posts by Steve Flanagan

Daniel, how are your endeavors going?
9 years ago
Can bamboo grow over a septic leach field?
9 years ago
Great ideas. No additional input at the moment.
9 years ago
I have pea tomatoes and New Yorker (an early beafsteak type) Tomatoes growing within ten feet of each other. I wish I planned this better, it occurred to me that there might be an issue with cross pollination. I really want to save the seeds of both varieties for next year. Should I be worried about this?
10 years ago
Thanks. I do live in a very low humdity area. I really appreciate your feedback.
I am working on rooting lemongrass, vietnamese coriander, and Thai Basil. Right now they are sitting in water in glass jars inside my house. I do have a greenhouse, should I root them there instead? Would it be better to root them in soil instead of water? Should I use rooting compound?

Thanks for asking. Its going well, not as much progress as I hoped for. My wife and I almost have our greenhouse built. Some of what I planted when I first posted had died. My focus and priorities have changed a little. Im hoping to find chaya cuttings this year. There is so much work to do, but I have high hopes this will be a good year.
10 years ago
Do anyone have any cuttings they could share?

I have ghost pepper seeds I could send in return.
10 years ago
Does anyone have any Althaea officinalis seeds?
Or Black Mulberry Cuttings?
10 years ago