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since May 15, 2012
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tiny house solar woodworking
~ Looking for Zone '0' Female Permie Mate ~ Permaculture Designer, Teacher interested in green sustainability, natural building, renewable energy resources and making the world a better place for all of us to live in. Google+
British Columbia, Canada
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Worked perfect for me all the way through to download
Firefox browser..

Thanks permies for all your work

Greetings Paul,

Amazon as well as all of the other BIG domains out there in weeb land do have that control that can bring one down. So it's maybe time you used some of their technology to help yourself more than they seem to be!

So you are on Facebook, and you have a couple of other websites.. sorry haven't been on your other sites in some time. but here's the gig. just a suggestion mind you, but the solution may be in the problem!

Get your web person to design a simple one page for each of your products. like a "gateway" page where you can choose to make it public or hidden within any domain. now with the proper use of search terms, search phrases and meta tags. etc let the search algorithms work for you. this way you get to play with what can work for your desired outcome and another great free spot to host a mini or promo site or page is! over the years I have created these one page or mini sites hosted by google as mentioned. gateway pages or simple promo pages that work well with the analytical technologies of google it self.

Use their tools to your advantage. So give this some thought Paul, speak it up with your web person and remember good yield takes time and nurturing.. plant some seeds today and "observe" there could be a three sister's in this be well!
Greetings Jules,

Have a look at O.U.R. Ecovillage, year round permaculture community in Canada.

I sent you PM also..

Reply to PM if you have any questions.

Love, Light & Peace.. bkperma
6 years ago

Michael Milligan wrote:Hello!

I live in the Vancouver area and I was wondering if any of you are near-by? I'm also generally curious about the distribution of permies globally. Is there such a thing as a permaculture hot spot?

All around you fellow permi.. on the mainland on vancouver island.. try or even or catch me on fbook

Welcome to the permies boards.. namaste'
7 years ago
Simple is better
- if it ain't broke don't fix it

Greetings J.lee,

Welcome to the forums. I live at an ecovillage in western Canada, we have 15 people on-site here now as we have been winding down our summer/fall seasons after a very busy summer. We are a demonstration and education site, welcoming more than 8,000 visitors per/yr. I invite you to have a look at our website htttp:// to see if our land can be of interest to you. I do see your fore mentioned skillset and that would be welcome here. We cover all aspects of Permaculture, natural building, organic master gardening programs, animal husbandry and spiritual aspects by the way of council. Formally Native Indian land from years gone by, the spirits of the land abound. So J.lee, have a look at our website and feel free to contact me if you would like any further information or if I can be of assistance.

Be Well.. Love & Light.. Brock
7 years ago