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Russ Wolf

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since May 15, 2012
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Intentional Communes come in all sizes and flavors.
What you are describing is along the lines on Vilage Homes.
A nice video about it
While it is an amazing achievement, it's not a place I would like to live.
It's also not what comes to mind when I think of intentional community.

This what I think of when it comes to IC's (watch the video at the bottom)

It seems to me that your group lacks a clear picture of what it wants.
Take a min and read this posting

These are our lessons learned about establishing a multi-family retreat.

Just my thoughts.
7 years ago

It seems all is fixed now.
But to answer your question...
I was following the RSS feeds for
WWOOF / organic farm volunteers/interns/jobs
intentional community / city repair / ecovillage

Thank you for your time!
It seems that the RSS feeds have stopped working around 9 Jan.