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since Jun 24, 2012
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Recent posts by Bethany Dutch

I had another thread like this I started years ago, then I found someone but it didn't work out, so I figured I'd start a new one since the old one can't be edited anyway and it's been several years.

Hey! I'm Bethany. I've been divorced for 6 years, have three kids (no ex drama either, we get along fine). I currently live in WA where I built a small home off-grid (built it myself with the help of my dad), then connected it to the grid and built an addition (paid someone to build it this time, phew!) so now it's a more standard sized house. I really enjoy having an actual bedroom now that my previous bedroom as been redesignated as a proper homesteader sized pantry, and with three daughters it sure is nice to have multiple bathrooms. I like to be active and in the summer I spend a LOT of time out hiking, biking, etc.

I have 20 acres here in NE WA - about an hour north of Spokane - but I won't lie - I don't plan on staying. I have felt a pull to Missouri or Kentucky for years now and so I have decided I'm going to prepare to sell my house and follow my instincts and go where I feel that God/ The Universe has been telling me to go. Since my life is a little in flux at the moment I can't say I'd be looking for a romantic partner right away (unless you ALSO happen to live in the northeastern corner of WA and have been dreaming of moving to the midwest) but I wouldn't mind someone to chat with and get to know if anything just to have an adult to actually converse with.

About me - I'm a logical, pragmatic person but also intuitive and empathic. I believe in Jesus but I also consider myself a green witch, so structured religion is definitely not my thing. I operate a successful online business and so I am financially secure. My only debt is the loan I took out against my home to built the addition which was WELL worth every cent of interest I will ever pay on it. I'm a calm, settled person. I take people at face value, value emotional intelligence, and have high standards for both myself and my partner. I am tattooed, which may be relevant. Politically I am Libertarian, and believe in liberty & the US Constitution.

My homesteading goals are to be in a situation where I wouldn't be fully self reliant but could be if needed. In other words, I want my homestead as well as my skillset to *be able to be* as self reliant as possible, but it isn't necessarily my goal to be self reliant all the time. I don't have great dreams of being off grid and primitive, but I could do so if the world ever made that a necessity.

My current homestead is way off the beaten path, I can't see any neighbors, and any future ones I buy will have to be the same. While I LOVE my business and marketing and all of those things (which I need internet for, even if that means being close enough to town to rent an office to work from) I also love to do homesteading/bushcrafty things - gardening, food preservation, herbalism, being still & quiet in the woods, primitive skills, archery, growing things (did I mention I love plants?), mycology, beekeeping, and more. I'm not a big media consumer and so while I do enjoy watching a movie or show here and there, I don't enjoy watching daily. I DO love to read, though. I read every day.

What I'm looking for? Well - right now like I said I wouldn't mind just another adult to talk to. Ultimately though I would like to find another monogamous life partner, though I'm not necessarily married to the idea of being married (I could go either or).

He needs to have goals in life and be actively working towards achieving them, self motivated, and an out of the box thinker. Most importantly I need someone who is emotionally intelligent, is the type that sees when things need to be done and does them without waiting around to be asked, isn't looking for a mother to take care of him, and secure enough to love a woman who is pretty independent and might not "need" him (understanding the difference between "need" and "want" here is critical). He'll be intelligent and love homesteading things, and definitely will want to live out in the middle of nowhere. I would prefer someone with a higher sex drive. And of course all of the standard no liars, no cheaters, no addicts, etc. I mean really what it boils down to is that I would really like an equal partner.

In a physical sense, he'd ideally need to be within 10 years of my age, take care of himself physically, and preferably not shorter than 5'8 or so. I myself am 5'5 and strong/well built (curvy) but not obese.

So - hit me up if you want :) Would be nice to have someone to have intelligent conversations with.
1 month ago
Well - I met my Hawkeye in my local area - my perfect match. Thanks for playing, everyone! Closing this thread now.
5 months ago

Rob Lineberger wrote:

Bethany Dutch wrote:

Robert Nicks wrote:Hi. Iā€™m very interested in your homestead.

Yep, me too.

LOLOLOL you forgot to mention your sense of humor.  You're a dream come true and I hope someone in your area realizes that soon.

Thanks! I mean really my sense of humor is quite... well, it's something. I do inadvertently take liberties and tease/joke around with people when I probably shouldn't... lol.
6 months ago

Bryan Perry wrote:Hey my name's Bryan. Do you know anyone in the area looking for a land or farm kind of caretaker position? I'm currently in Florida looking to get away from all the craziness lol. I'm a veteran and have monthly income and I also fished out of Dutch Harbor AK for a while. I love the cold so no worries there.

Hey Bryan - no I don't, not really. If you're looking to get out of craziness I'm not sure I'd recommend WA state! LOL. Depends on your politics. Washington is becoming more and more freedom encumbering as time goes along. My particular area is great but there's been a lot of people moving to the area so not a ton of available places to move. Good luck!
6 months ago
Recent-ish pics. I will say though I'm kinda thinking there's GOT to be someone local to me. Isn't it weird how we often live in areas where there are tons of likeminded people yet we have a hard time finding those other single folks because we're all too busy up on our mountain (or whatever) homesteading? LOL.
6 months ago

Jenny Jones wrote:

Bethany Dutch wrote:

Robert Nicks wrote:Hi. Iā€™m very interested in your homestead.

Yep, me too.

Haha girl. I'm not a man so not looking to fill out that application but this responses makes me wanna be your friend! lol

We just officially became friends šŸ˜
6 months ago

John F Dean wrote:Hi Bethany,

There is an omen here somewhere. I clicked on your Uncle Dutch link, and You Tube took me to "Custers Last Stand". Be careful, this is 2020.

That's super weird - it just took me to my channel page. But yeah... 2020.
6 months ago

John F Dean wrote:I find that life rarely travels in a straight line.  I suppose if it did it wouldn't be so interesting. But, sometimes I could use a little less excitement.

LOL ain't that the truth! Ultimately though I just try to think of everything as a learning experience and take what I can from it.
6 months ago

John F Dean wrote:Hi Bethany,

How are things now?

Life sure changes a lot :) How do I even sum up?

I got divorced in 2015. My ex really was not, in practice, as on board with this life as he thought and ended up going in a completely opposite direction, so after two years I finally cut things off and let him go. There's a whole other thread on that topic here LOL!

Family relations are okay. I still don't entirely trust people except my parents, I think. I will be honest - a huge part of the issues that some family members had with me/us were actually due to my ex's, let's say, less than responsible behaviors and I got lumped in with that, and since the split I think relationships have gotten a little better. My parents also have consistently held their boundaries with others and reiterated that they are fully capable of helping me or anyone without being taken advantage of as if they are enfeebled, senile, or don't know what they are doing. Siblings dropped the issue. Maybe they just got used to things, I don't know... or maybe my parents finally told them to stfu šŸ˜‚

I was off grid until last year when I brought power up and finished the house - it was a long road to finish it myself but ultimately I got it done. Then this year I took out an equity loan and paid a local guy to build an addition so now it's like I have a regular house which is pretty awesome, since the room I was in before is basically the pantry and we really have the space we need.

So at this point the dynamic is pretty good. I don't know that I'll ever really fully be able to trust some people again but I suppose that's life, isn't it?
6 months ago
I have a Mockmill 100 and I really like it a lot. My old mill was a Vitalmill which (I think similar to the nutrimill?) had an attached grain container below the mill. I presume, to keep things from getting dusty but it also trapped moisture and then I had to clean all these nooks and crannies each time I milled.

When I got the Mockmill I got it because I wanted one that had a spout I could just put a bowl under and be done with it, and I didn't like how warm the flour got with the Vitalmill too. The Mockmill seems to do a good job not heating the flour up too much. It's adjustable, you can do fine flour with it or even coarse grits type textures.

The only thing where the Vitalmill was better was with grinding corn. With the Mockmill I have to feed the corn slowly and carefully or it will jam up, and I often have to do a coarse grind and a second pass on a finer grind. The vitalmill just chewed through it no matter what. I don't use a ton of cornmeal so this isn't a big deal but it is annoying when I have to do it LOL!
10 months ago