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Recent posts by Bethany Dutch

I concur, I have ordered from them multiple times and have been very happy.
3 months ago

Ben Child wrote:I’ve been traversing this path , attempting to find someone of like mind for awhile and I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing , short of face to face time , is beneficial , for this pursuit least anything worth getting excited about ..

I’m open to possibilities

I wonder about this too. I think you look like just about what I'm looking for, but I'm far away. Relocating to the Missouri Ozarks this year, but who knows. I keep thinking that online isn't really a way to meet someone, but that's my pagan self thinking the universe will bring the right person along when the time is right so it doesn't matter what I do.

I'm not really completely wilderness though. I can be - built my own house, was primitive off grid for several years - but my preference is to have some "modern luxuries" while still retaining the capacity and skills to be fully sustainable if needed.
3 months ago

Miles Flansburg wrote:Have you looked on the Landwatch website?   HERE

yes for sure! We check all the websites and we also have a realtor. I am hoping to find something pre-market or similar, maybe something FSBO... just trying to put out as many feelers as possible.

I currently live on an extended family homestead in WA state (with two other families) and we have all decided we would like to relocate together to the Missouri Ozarks.

We're looking for a property that has at least several hundred acres, a minimum 3 bedroom house in good condition, mix of pasture and woods. Must be remote enough to not be on any main highways.

We generally have been liking the Ava area, but we're flexible on location and will definitely look at other properties as long as they are kinda within the 20-40 minutes from town range (we don't want to be too close or too far away from a town, and preferably around the hour-mark from any major city).

Would be GREAT if there was a place that had multiple homes, but realistically we know some of us will probably have to build, but we do want at least one house to start with. Live water is of course, a bonus, especially if it's on a bigger waterway. We will be running large animals/cattle at some point, so finished pastures and usable barns/infrastructure is a huge bonus.

Budget will ultimately vary depending on what we're able to get for our farm here, but if you know of anything that fits the bill please let me know!

If this ad is up, it means we're still looking.
Not quite on the market yet, but we're starting to get the word out on a family farm we've got for sale about an hour north of Spokane.

140 acres, two wells and a cistern, mix of pasture and woods. Some marketable timber, and the rest of the woods was selectively logged a couple decades ago and would be great for just hunting space or silvopasture.

It has THREE houses - actual houses, not mobile homes - and they are all separated for privacy, not right next to each other. Multiple additional building sites as well. Each home has its own gardens, one with a young permaculture food forest, and another with a large high tunnel used to grow tons of tomatoes and peppers every year. The pasture is currently used & set up for cattle.

This place is amazing - it's only 10 min from 395, but feels super remote and out of the way. More info & pics at
3 months ago

elle sagenev wrote:We have staunchly refused the elf. My husband says it's getting the kids ready for big brother. They've begged for one, but no. The last thing we need is more responsibility during the holidays. Hard pass.

Hard agree. I was blissfully ignorant of it until I was already parenting and had our set traditions. I've never had it, it was never brought up, my kids never missed it. And I'm glad LOL! I think it's creepy - and I don't think it's a good thing to teach kids that it's "fun" to be watched constantly. Not to mention it's just ONE more thing to do. I stopped by the local elementary school this week and saw they have a big sign with all the different themes kids were supposed to dress up like every day this last week before winter break. As if their parents don't already have enough stuff to do this week 🙄
5 months ago
Oh! So - I grind grains, also buy from Azure. I have a Mockmill and I love it. I used to have a Vitalmill which has the attached container that the flour mills into, but I didn't like that because I didn't want to limit my quantity and it always felt very "humid" when I opened it up, so I ended up getting the Mockmill which I like very much.

I mostly grind my own rye for 100% organic sourdough rye, since it helps my digestion. I also sometimes grind other grains, and I have a stockpile of wheat but at the moment I am using Azure's Ultra-unifine (not just regular unifine) white wheat whole bread flour which makes amazing soft fluffy bread on it's own.

One thing I do have to contribute - I made a video showing my process of quickly sifting the flour. Because - sometimes you DO want white flour, and sifting by hand is incredibly laborious especially if you sift multiple times. So I figured out how to use a sawzall to get it done quick - here's that video:
5 months ago
Perfect, thank you!! Oh also - do you know offhand what their butterfat percentage is? I can't seem to find it on any of the websites.
5 months ago

Nathan Benavidez wrote:I stumbled on the Shetland breed by happenstance while browsing forums and discovered that the Shetland was checking off all the boxes... medium-sized, docile, marbled beef, high butterfat milk (and lots of it).

This is fascinating!! Nathan - from what I see, the Shetland is very similar to Dexters, am I right? Is there a reason you felt like Dexters didn't fit the bill for you? I'm in my research phase of future milk cow with secondary purpose for meat, so I'm curious if there was something that turned you off Dexters.
5 months ago

Jt Glickman wrote:Quality of milk:
We calf share for the first 5-7 months after freshening. You don't get milk for the first month because it all goes to the calf. Then we start separating the calf at night, which produces much bellowing for about a week. After that they still bellow, but only in the evening and morning, but no longer at one am (I always feel so bad for my neighbors).
While calf sharing, we pretty much get 1% milk. Maybe 2% on a good day.
Once we wean the calf using a no bellow nose weaner, our cream line is comparable to a jersey cow and is rich, yellow milk. We start milking twice a day and try to freeze the evening milk to use after we dry her off.

I'm so glad you posted this, I haven't heard the same from anyone else. If you could do it over again, would you go with a dexter?
5 months ago