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Wow, that's really cool!  I have done something similar (though much lower key) using my wife's belly band (from when she was pregnant).  I've had back pain off and on over the years (usually due to overuse).  One regular trigger for me is meditation retreats.  So for the last several years, when I've done one, I pack her belly band.  For the later in the day sits, I cinch it on as tight as I can and it really seems to help.  I love the corset idea, though, as that's a much stronger solution.
5 days ago
Thank you very much!  Since we missed the blooms, I'm not sure, but I agree that the leaves and vines look similar.  I guess we'll see next year. :)
We just moved to Nova Scotia (from Florida) and have been pleasantly surprised by some of the plants that are already established -- blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, hardy kiwi and garlic.  The previous owner was primarily interested in ornamentals, though, so there are also tons of roses and other flowers.  On our deck is a tangled pole bean that I'd like to identify -- basically, we want to know if we can eat it.  The pods are pretty big, and thick, and grow in clusters of 3 to 6.  The mature leaves tend to have 11 leaflets.  The dried pods seem to unwind when they burst (ending up twisted) with little chocolate brown beans inside.  I believe it flowered before we arrived so I can't speak to the blossoms.  Any ideas?  And if any additional pictures would be helpful, please let me know.

We just moved to a house in Nova Scotia that has hardy kiwis growing on a trellis.  We've got some fruit -- any tips on knowing them to pick them?
1 month ago
I'm definitely interested (on my wife's behalf).  She's a much better cook, and we just moved to Nova Scotia (from Florida) so we've got access to all sorts of cold weather crops we never had before.  We also have a proper cold room in our house, and we're very interested in canning, pickling, etc.  We're vegetarian, but we're considering eating a bit of very local seafood.  Thanks!
2 months ago
Thanks everyone for sharing your plant lists! My wife and I just bought a house in Temple Terrace (next to Tampa) and I'm interested in converting our yard to permaculture / food production. We both work full time, so it will be a gradual process, but I really appreciate all the info you folks have shared here. Thanks!

One thing I was wondering -- is there a particular Florida nursery that you folks would recommend?

8 years ago
Hi folks,

I'm new both to home / land ownership and to permaculture. I'd like to gradually convert the property we have (a small lot in Temple Terrace -- just outside of Tampa Bay -- zone 9B) to more food-bearing plants. We've got collards, sweet potatoes, bananas and (I think) a pomegranate right now, and I've planted an avocado tree. For starters, I'd like to get blackberries (brazos), purple passion fruit and a celeste fig tree. Can anyone recommend a good nursery in the Tampa Bay area?

Also, thanks to the folks who posted their food forest lists here. I'll definitely check those out. I'm doing a weekend course (1 part of a PDC) on food production in September, so I'm sure I'll have some more questions after that!

8 years ago