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hi! Hope you are finding what you seek! how is your farm doing this season? I am a CSA farmer here in MI. Just getting my October plantings done after 6 successions of lettuce failed (TOO MUCH HEAT!!) Let me know if you want to talk, and check out my singles post if you get a chance!
7 years ago
In addition to being aligned completely in mind and heart with the journey of homesteading, I have these skills.

+Soil building/maintenance/vermiculture/permaculture

+A plan for biodynamic growing to provide food for my family and to sell

+I can grow 60 vegetables/fruits, and 20+ herbs

+I can grow, forage for herbal medicine, insect/disease control of crops

+Propagate, breed and save seed from all plants I grow

+Preserve by canning, dehydrating, fermenting and root cellaring, and dry meat

+Goat, chicken, turkey husbandry and feed management


+Beekeeping (I will learn more, right now I have a friend taking care of my bees)

+Educating children holistically


+Musical Entertainment

+Water catchment/recycling

+Making cream/butter/soft cheese/ soap/candles

+Getting food from water

+I’m vegetarian who would butcher and eat my animals in a homestead situation

+Woodlot management for heat/goats

-Minimal (labor only) experience with orcharding, -have never grown grains or hay

+Experience living in winter, by myself, keeping a 2,000sq. foot home heated with 4 wood stoves

+Overwintering crops/taking care of animals in winter

+Training dogs as shepherds

+Making simple clothing and repairing them

+farm tool use/maintenance/repair

+fence and gate building/repair

+Cooking delicious, nutritious “peasant meals”

Simple things make me whole:
Rocket stove with cob bench
Sweet water creek or well
Awesome root cellar/harvest kitchen
Somewhere to be naked outside
A simple, woodfire-heated hot tub for 2
A food/seed storage area I can be anal about
A bed of lavender under my clothesline
Cooking oil??? Diatomaceous earth???
Great hiking/canoeing nearby
Full day’s productive work with time to cuddle and laugh at goats, and to marvel at huge or exceptionally forked carrots
Open, dark sky at night, peace and quiet from manmade noise
Lots of touching, togetherness, laughing together, and also my own responsibilities that my partner relies on me and vice versa
Land, plants, soil, animals, family, and community I can nurture and be nurtured by with a personal appreciation for the mystery and science about how they all work together.

7 years ago